A note to the labels.

drm_killing_music.jpgHey, I’m all for digitally downloadable albums that are sent to me for review. It saves the labels / publicists / bands postage and all, and it gets the disc in my hands right away. But, and I’m looking at you RCA, home of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I am NOT installing proprietary software onto my computer in order to hear the fucking files. C’mon, who is stupid enough to trust a label for that sort of thing again?
STOP TRYING TO PROTECT YOUR FUCKING SONGS LIKE THIS. It’s hopeless. They’re going to get out there. (While you’re alienating me, I know for a fact that this particular album is available (WIDELY available) via numerous P2P networks.)
Instead of trying to shackle the music, how about if you just get a fucking clue and redirect your business model to get in step with the times? NO ONE wants to install proprietary software on their computer in order to listen to a song or an album.
Get. A. Fucking. Clue.

  • uh, yeah, dude. i’m with you 100%… if the labels would actually pull there heads out of their collective asses and actually work on a plan involving how to evolve with the rest of the world, then schlups like us might actually get to keep making their living in the music industry.

  • Larrymusic

    Amen. I’m buying a CD today of an album that has been leaked for weeks now. I have the mp3s on my computer, but I want the the package. I want the proper sounding wav files. I want to support the artist. According to DRM employing record companies, I don’t exsist.

  • Joel

    You can skip the stuff RCA puts on the discs but disabling Auto-play in windows. Thats who I managed to rip the Howl album with itunes. Apparently without auto-play the disc doesn’t run so the DRM doesn’t load.

  • Larrymusic, right on. Some artists actually get it. For instance yesterday I shelled out for the new NIN even though most of it had already been leaked by the NIN camp itself. Why? Because Reznor has, through internet interaction and product development, created a compelling piece of art that deserves my support.

    And Joel, in this case, RCA isn’t sending out physical copies of the new BRMC, they want us to install software on our computers so we can read their DRM protected files. What kind of idiot is going to install software provided by a record label on their computer?

  • ramirez

    Shouldnt the fear be that they will just start having this software bundled into all new computers sold? ie:Microsoft Explorer
    Large companies don’t usually “wise up”, they “buy in”.
    I don’t know much about this stuff so I could be way off.

  • larrymusic

    Joel, that was the very CD I was talking about. I am digging it as I speak. I noticed some of the tracks are denser mixes than the original mp3 leaks, which is where I got 4 of the songs from. Sweet.

  • larrymusic

    sorry, I read the responses wrong. I can’t get this thing right today. Thanks for deleting my multiples.

  • Um, larrymusic, I’m Jim, not Joel!

    But you’re right, that NIN is a treat to the ears. Did you also notice the heat sensitive paint used on the CD itself?

  • larrymusic

    read the comment I left 3 minutes after. LOL

    Yes. have you called the number to report me to the B.O.M. yet? I could be a threat.

  • DAC

    I agree 100%. Seems pretty pointless unless they locked up the album before it came out so no one could hear it. I got it via P2P and reviewed it — before I got the emails from RCA giving me access to the DRM files/program.

    Pretty crazy.

    And I’ll buy it the day it comes out. In fact, pre-ordered the Wilco on vinyl & it’s been free on their website for weeks…