Adult Swim gets Warm & Scratchy

Since when did the coolest indie comps not only start coming from a cartoon network, but also come free of charge? I mean, awesome. Adult Swim releases cheap cialis online their latest comp, Warm & Scratchy, today. Get it while it’s hotter than Mims.

Warm & Scratchy Tracklisting:

01. Me-I – TV On The Radio
02. Dead Sound – The Ravenettes
03. The Equestrian – Les Savy Fav
04. Crimson Red – The Rapture
05. Justine – 120 Days
06. Canada Vs. America – Broken Social Scene
07. Color of the love You Have – SOUND Team
08. The Bunting Song (acoustic version) – The Good, The Bad and The Queen
09. Half Century – The Brother Kite
10. Silver (Original Beats) – Jesu
11. Back to Flash – Amusement Parks on Fire
12. Stay Awake – Asobi Seksu
13. Winter – Fennesz
14. Sunset Rodeo – Liars

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