Peedi Crack Presents Camel Face Hunting Season

Two Things are funny about this press release.
1: The title is repeating the conventional wisdom that Jay-Z looks like a camel.. So it looks like Philly rappers want to shoot the Big Homie, Jay-z, in the face.

2: The press release boasts that a label that is mostly digital, Amalgam Digital, will do a better job at marketing and promotion than Roc-a-fella did.


After five years, North Philly rapper Peedi Crakk has parted ways with Roc-A-Fella Records in favor of booming independent, Amalgam Digital. The tech-savvy company responsible for launching hip hop’s first genre specific digital retail store attracted Peedi with their innovative business model and creatively fostering environment. Peedi Crakk joins a roster made up of both commercially successful artists and underground hip hop icons, including Grammy-nominee Joe Budden, Kurious, Tash (of Tha Alkaholiks), and the Juggaknots. His highly anticipated debut album “Camel Face Hunting Season,” will be released in September 2008.

A founding member of State Property, alongside Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and Young Gunz, Peedi Crakk has earned respect for his lyrical talent and rhythmic flow. “The Prince of State Property” created buzz with his single “One for Peedi” which was featured on the Paid in Full soundtrack. He has also made a name for himself by collaborating with the likes of Twista, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Ne-Yo on the singer’s hit “Stay”. He has showcased his versatility as a featured artist on two albums from Grammy award winners, The Roots, including his recent feature on their single “Get Busy.” Additionally, Peedi will be featured in the upcoming film Next Day Air, directed by Benny Boom.

When asked about his new relationship with Amalgam Digital, Peedi made the following statement:

“Yup. I’m back! And I feel unstoppable. My flow is advanced and as an artist, I’m getting better, especially without the claws of Roc-A-Fella digging at my back. I’ve been a free agent for the past 3 months and now signing with the Amalgam Digital label for my first project I feel even more unstoppable. They are providing exactly what Peedi always needed…proper promotion and distribution. BANG! It’s Camel Face Hunting Season”

“Camel Face Hunting Season” will hit retail stores and digital outlets in September 2008. The first single entitled “More Towels,” features production by Vinny Idol.

Cam tried to tell y’all.

  • TimB.

    Yo, the music industry is dying. If you wanna succeed, you gotta take a new approach. I for one think that Peedi has a shot at this new label. Dude is talented by just got overlooked at Def Jam. I see big things in his future….

  • did anyone else think it was hilarious when his name was peedi peedi?????

  • ExcuseMe

    Takes a big man to go after Jay-Z, but I gotta respect him for not being scared to do it. I hope he proves people wrong for his sake. I always did like his style though.

  • Drea

    I really can’t believe you think that its funny he’s signed to Amalgam Digital. The label has been signing top artists and legends back to back. Basically this is the future of hip-hop and maybe you should do your research before you speak out, Peedi Crakk is bringing it back and isn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind. Good luck Peedi.

  • wes flexner

    Actually, I think that its funny that a label that put out the Juggaknots is getting peoples faith more than the label that broke Public Enemy,

    And thats not a diss to the Juggoknots. I have their Fondle Em shit on vinyl.
    I am laughing at the percpetion that Amalgam is better at promoting and marketing than Def Jam.

  • addon

    did Roc a fella make him change his name to Peedi Peedi from peedi crakk because they had to soften his image to get a commercial sponsorship that refused to use “crakk”. at least thats what i heard.

  • addon

    yeah Def Jam broke PE back in the 90s when Def Jame mattered. Peedi was signed to the Roc under Def Jam. Im a fan of crakk. always been. The label delivered Joe Buddens album and im sure they have the power to do same for peedi

  • wes flexner

    I am not insulting Amalgam Digital.
    I am more pointing out the perception of Def Jam after the Jay-z era.

  • Kingjune856

    Peedi is da streetz an haz been since he droppd! Jayz juzt on hiz grind dnt b mad @ da gee! Bg love 2 em both an keep it gully 4real!

  • The label has been signing top artists and legends back to back. Basically this is the future of hip-hop and maybe you should do your research before you speak out…


  • wes flexner

    a year later peedi is caking off of being on the same label as the juggaknotts ?