SXSW Confirms First 9 Bands for SXSW 2009

SXSW just confirmed some bands for 2009.

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
St. Vincent
Beach House
Anni Rossi
Future of the Left
White Lies
Passion Pit
Sage Francis

  • ben

    Thats crazy Future of the Left is right there at the TOP!! Great record! Saw ’em twice last year. Was just thinking of getting Mcluskyism for my bro this xmas. These are two of the Mclusky boys. Must see live. Go, go, go.

  • love me some dent may. glad to see his album is being released in feb.

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  • unfortunately the US non-immigrant work visa situation for bands is terrible right now… thanks bush/homeland security! i’m working with a UK artist who was accepted to SXSW, but may not be able to come because of upwards of $1500 in fees just for a work visa – then add airfare and accommodations… let’s hope obama can help out international artists during his presidency! i’ll be writing letters and i urge everyone to do the same.

  • andrew

    beach house, yummie