MP3:Rah Digga-Warning Shots

MP3:Rah Digga-Warning Shots

You know how you started listening to snap music because you got tired of all the hardlegs sitting around rapping really real and smoking dirtweed.
You said to yourself procreation practice isn’t possible because the parts don’t fit. So you were like time to have fun.
Rah Digga, y’know the name, is adding an equalizing female touch to the boom-bap biosphere’s regrowth with this call to arms “Warning Shots” produced by Nottz.
She starts off saying if Lauren Hill isn’t gonna do it then someone gotta air it out for estrogen based lyricists.

Not on her upcoming record but odb raw, ya dig. ahh. sorry

  • ramirez

    obd=Old Birty Dastard?

  • Wes Flexner