RJD2 Columbus St. Patrick’s Day Dance Party @ The Summit Wednesday

Blizzaard or lack of presale kept you from being one of the 800 people that paid 15 dollars to see RJ’s epic performance at the Donewaiting 7 year Anniversary pictured below?
Don’t fret. He is coming back to rock a ST Patty’s Party on a Dejay level. Dood is going on at Ten so be there early.
(Which is good for people with Jobs)

This Wednesday:

RJD2 DJ Performance with Adam Deitch of Break Science. Basically this is a one-time special collaberation between RJ and an accomplished man in his right Adam Deitch. More on that in a second.

Titonton,DJ Inform and Mister Mike will provide music at other times.

The Summit
2216 Summit St
Columbus OH
$10 Doors at 8:30

More info forthcoming soon.

  • Do you know if there are any places we can pick up tickets in advance or will everything just be at the door? Thanks for posting about the show!

  • Wes Flexner

    i’m not the promoter.
    I think because of the short notice there are no presales.
    My understanding is RJ plans on rocking this so the working people can have fun so getting there prior to or when doors open is a good idea.

  • Rastapasta

    I am excited; I love RJD2’s deejay sets… the man knows how to keep it extra funky

  • OTFP

    Too short of a notice to do presales. RJD2 will go on at 10:00, so getting there early wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • DooDoo

    too bad its at the summit, that place sucks and its gonna be super packed cuz its small

  • typecastaaron

    last time in there a man sh*t his pants and ran to the bar to get something to wipe it with but end up having to sit in the corner pantless; he was eating a potato that looked old. it was a trippy night

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