Video: Jack White’s Surprise SXSW Parking Lot Performance

NPR posted video footage of Jack White’s surprise parking lot performance at SXSW. Two songs – one a Buddy Holly cover, the other “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.” After Jack’s performance, you get some music from new Third Man artist, Seasick Steve.

  • I think you might mean “a Buddy Holly” cover?

    • Robert Duffy


  • That first kid was pretty good, playing in front of all those label dudes will probably get him a record deal.

  • weedsteeler

    some one should show this dude a tanning bed…..
    edward sisscors hands looking mother fucker….
    dude has that “i have a taste for incest look” written all over him…… with his looking like a dead manatee that soaked in the brine ass……..

  • rachael-ray’s-nipples

    that a hole’s 15 minutes are up

  • willy williams

    more like 12 minutes


    Man, and ! thought jay-z was ugly!
    You ugly bro, you ugly!

  • Adam Smith

    Saw that truck broken down on the side of the highway between Nashville and Memphis.