Tonight in Columbus: Aleks Shaulov’s Bday Bash @ Ace of Cups

Aleks Shaulov(pictured above) is everything that is good about music . Whether it’s playing in bands like the Feelers, the Ex-Whites and sometimes with the New Bomb Turks or making punk shows happen at Bourbon Street or now the bar he helped open and manages Ace of Cups: Shaulov has worked tirelessly promoting and making punk/garage music because he likes it. He has facilitated alot of wonderful things in our city.

There is a Birthday show for him at Ace of Cups Tonight featuring the White Outs, Nervosas and the Girls.  The cover is 5 Dollars.

an apology after the jump.

I wrote something about Aleks in the Other Paper this week that was intended to be a bday roast as a tribute to Mr. Shaulov. Some people have told me that it comes off as an unfounded personal attack because it is in a Newspaper and not a comedy club. That was not my intent. Happy Birthday Aleks!

Aleks Shaulov’s writings on Donewaiting.


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