Listen: Cassidy – “R.A.I.D.” (Meek Mill Diss)

Cassidy – R.A.I.D. (Meek Mill Diss)

Cassidy dropped a 10 minutes diss to Meek Mill over various instrumentals.  These two Philly rappers have been going back and forth since Meek clowned Cassidy’s Condom Style PSA.

Meek Mill response to Cassidy’s diss was dismissive..

Meek Mill is the higher profile artist and has a stronger infrastructure because he is in MMG.
What Cassidy has going for him is that he is respected in Philly as a battle emcee so he has a chance to irritate Meek in his home town.

  • Rob

    The writer of this blow must not know rap ,Cassidy doesn’t have a commercial buzz e cause his to good for this “rap” niggas he ain’t commercial and e don’t do bubblegum rap nursery rhymes bullshittin . So as a write you should recognize that , smh . Cassidy will restore the whole mmg . And he (Cassidy) already got the buzz he needed before when he came out now his just wants to embarrass meek weak

  • Wes Flexner

    As the writer of this blog; I must say your comment doesn’t make sense.
    If I didn’t know rap would I have not mentioned, “I’ma Hustla” and “Drink and Two Step” before the battle ish….
    Also not sure how Cassidy going in on Meek Mill will help restore MMG, smh.

    I am glad you are supporting Cassidy. It would be cool to see this battle develop into some classic records.

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  • Ken

    Shut the hell up that guy said Cassidy don’t make bubble gum rap ummmm what was hotel ???? Trash he is a punch liner can’t write worth shit period can’t sell records at all Cassidy burn out period