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The Cool Kids Are Way Better Than Jurassic 5

I used think I was funny and say that Chicago rappers The Cool Kids are the new Jurassic 5. That was meant to be completely an insult towards the idea of throwback rap.

But shit, doods persona are a lot, ahem cooler, than Charlie Tuna and all those cornball jamband nerds. They don’t sing song over Dave Mathews percussion. Plus I can fuck with the miminal post-Neptunes production and a general feeling of superiority from the reality of how Allah made some of us .

Anyway, here is a video of the Cool Kids telling you how they want to be the reason you cop a system.

They also want you to download their new mixtape Gone Fishin which involves Don Cannon somehow. You don’t get the feeling Don Cannon got involved one of those pay to play scams that mixtape dejays use to get extra money off fanbase lacking rappers that are trying to work their angles. Shit bangs. Download it here:

MP3: The Cool Kids x Don Cannon-Gone Fishin

They are standing behind the Newport in front of an Ender tag.