Ted Leo Cancels Tourdates, Throat Issues, New Website

From his label:

UPDATE! Ted Leo/Pharmacists cancel several weeks of the US tour, after performing 4 shows in the midwest. The cancellation begins today May 5 through May 26. That’s Milwaukee through Atlanta. Ted Leo has lost his voice and will head back to NY to find out when he can perform again. For now, the shows after Atlanta are on schedule but please check back here for updates. Ted will take the next few weeks to seek professional care for his voice and prepare to see you soon. The band will reschedule dates in the cities affected by the cancellation as soon as possible.

Those of you who know anything about Ted Leo know that he does not cancel shows. He is perhaps the hardest working person on our label and does everything he can to connect with people and tours non-stop. We are sorry to have to cancel these dates and the band will miss seeing you in May.

And he has his own website, finally! Viewable here.

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