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Trailer for Bob Dylan Film “I’m Not There”

Awhile ago we posted a clip of the weird as hell upcoming Bob Dylan film. Now we’ve got the trailer:

Houston Calling Stretches Wings, Leaves Nest


David A. Cobb has been running Houston Calling on since March 2003, almost as long as the site has been up. Since starting his column of the Houston music scene, David has become a man about town, truly knowing what’s up in his city.

I’ve always felt that we weren’t doing David justice having him be another blog on the bloated and confusing site… so after some talking and domain buying, David has set up shop on his own site… Please point your bookmarks to

Good luck, David. You’ll always be in our hearts…. At this rate you’ll be the mayor of Houston in about 8 months.

Reminder: Happy Hour Tonight @ Surly Girl

Columbus Ohio, we salute you. 7-10pm tonight at Surly Girl Saloon. Always free. New music, old music, weird stuff, and a bunch of vinyl I just bought at Shake It Records in Cincy.

So What’s Up With The Sun?

Columbus OH’s The Sun have had a rocky time with their former record label, Warner Broz. The band is finally out of contract, though, and are gearing up what seems to be 20 different releases.

The band has just unleashed two compilations, “Ohio Tigers” and “1999”, featuring rarities and B-sides recorded during their time at Warner. These are digital only releases.

They’re currently recording new material with Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Trail of Dead…), and hope to have their second proper full length out soon. I imagine working with a larger independent will be good for both their career and sanity.

MP3: Hold On
MP3: It’s Kind of Fun To Do (The Impossible)
MP3: It’s That Easy
MP3: Patriotic Shoes

Dan Deacon or Kyle Sowash?

Hey kids! It’s the hottest game hitting the internet! All the kids can’t stop playing Dan Deacon or Kyle Sowash?

One might be Dan. The Other might be Kyle. They might both be Dan.

Many more examples found here.

I heard Bob Barker is going to be hosting this new game but I can’t confirm it yet.

Two Cow Garage Looking for Drummer

From the band:

Well….you gotta play the hand you’re dealt….right?

We (Two Cow Garage) need a new drummer. Ours quit w/o proper notice and we didn’t see it coming.

Must be willing to tour a lot (100-200 out-of-town shows/year). There is no guarantee that he or she will make a lot of money, in fact I can almost guarantee the opposite. But you will get to travel all over the United States and Western Europe playing rock and roll, and get paid at least enough to eat every day and have a roof over your head when you sleep. Sometimes we’ll even be able to pay you handsomely. Other times, you’ll live off of $10.00/day.

We’re looking for somebody to be IN the band, not just a fill in.

Please email me at or send a messgae thru Myspace.

Lost Weekend Records Weekend O’ Fun

Local music store Lost Weekend Records has put two great shows together for this weekend at Ruby Tuesday’s on Summit. Check it out:

Friday August 3rd

Greenlawn Abbey (happy hour set)
Cotton Jackson
(the return of) The Malabar Brothers
The Makebelives (from Athens)
The Moon & Bad Times (Dusty from Freedom new project)

Saturday August 4th

Beard Of Stars (happy hour set)
The Patsys
The Lindsay
Second State Butchers

New Damon and Naomi: “Cruel Queen”

A few years back I booked a Damon and Naomi show in Columbus OH. Kurihara from Ghost was also with them. It was one of my most favorite shows I ever had the pleasure to put on, even though this event was enjoyed by a handful of people.

On September 25, the band is releasing a new album on their own label, 20/20/20. Besides Kurihara, the album features string players from Espers. Here’s the first song being made available, “Cruel Queen.”

MP3: Cruel Queen

Lime Spider in Akron Closing Down in September

The Black Keys at Lime Spider, 2005 (photo credit):

Between the closing of Lime Spider and Little Brother’s in Ohio, we’re at Red Alert Alpha 1. Shit is getting bad. Details here.

“You Don’t Know What Love Is” Video by The White Stripes

Hmm, I wonder if this is going to display..

Guess it did! (for now..)