NME Day Party (Friday, March 17)

Perry Farrell, Living Things, Dirty Pretty Things, The Cribs, The Longcut, Forward Russia!, Hot Chip at the Mean-Eyed Cat (1621 W. 5th St., free, free beer, bbq).

  • according to nme there will be a special guest and i have it on good word that jane’s addiction will be playing….roll that up and smoke that….


  • Lisa

    So how do you get into this party? Is it invite only?

  • Leslie Cochran is my Copilot

    Invite only, according to my source its some kinda MTV party.
    And same source sez it’s Jane’s Addiction confirmed.

  • CJ Geoffroy

    How do you get invited to this? I have to go! If someone has contacts please let me know. Thanks,

  • Jason Graham

    If you’ve got info. on how to get into this thing please mail me. I’ll buy you some Lone Star. Gracias.

  • ED

    Please let me know what/who I need to bug to get into this if it’s invite only. MTV? NME? Capitol? who? Thanks!

  • me 2 please… i would love info on the invite, but i can buy some shiners….

  • bestweed

    fuck the invites. let’s burn the place down.

  • Ron

    I would also appreciate any info on how to get invited to this party. Thanks!

  • julie

    nice outside back porch feel…stage will be back there. you can definitely hear the bands from the other side of that. or we could just break the gate down. :) definitely private party…

  • zappa

    $30 says that they erect a stage between the railroad tracks and the bar just like the bar did for their 1 year anniversary party.

  • Hey if this is JA, who could possible get us tickets, we’ve come from the UK and this would make the trip?

  • Shamus

    Janes Addiction it is folks. Lets get PE on their asses’ and “Bum Rush the Show”

  • Bob

    Guys, Lets have a great time. I will be there with my frien Anastasia and lets have fun ! Tomoorooo.

  • Lisa

    How do you get invited to this party? Please let me know! Would love to attend! Thanks~

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