Everyday Is Like Sunday

I guess that the Eurovision Song Contest doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the States. The BBC coverage is drenched in a so-bad-it-must-be good irony, when in actual fact it is a relic of a bygone era, limping into the modern times with phone voting and the like. Naff does not always mean good.

So, how to take the rumours reported in the Guardian that they’re trying to rope in Mozz to help next year ?

“As a result it seems that Moz has been in talks with the BBC, who screen the annual caterwauling competition live and must therefore have some say in what goes on.”

Well, take it firstly with a pinch of salt. It is only a rumour after all, and secondly? Just because he’s (almost) a national icon, it doesn’t mean he’d stand a chance of winning. Eurovision has always been, and surely always will be, a celebration of the mediocre.

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