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De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 Perform Live For BBC

De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 were on BBC to perform songs off their new project, First Serve which drops April 2nd. They also did some classic De La joints.

Watch above. Pre-order on iTunes.

The Black Keys Announce European/UK Tour 2012

The Black Keys are gearing up for alot of things. One of them is a European/UK Tour that hits Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and the UK. Fan pre-sale for the dates below starts on Wednesday September 14th at 9am local time for members of the official mailing list. Public on sale will be Friday September 16th. You can buy tickets here at the relevant time.
Dates below

European Tour
Date City/Venue
Jan 23 Antwerp, Belgium – Lotto
Jan 24 Lille, France – Zenith
Jan 25 Paris, France – Zenith
Jan 27 Hamburg, Germany – Sporthalle
Jan 28 Berlin, Germany – Arena
Jan 30 Milan, Italy – Alcatraz
Jan 31 Zurich, Switzerland – Maag Hall
Feb 1 Eindhoven, Holland – Klokgebouw
Feb 3 Nottingham, UK – Capital FM Arena
Feb 4 Edinburgh, UK – Corn Exchange
Feb 6 Manchester, UK – Apollo
Feb 10 London, UK – Alexandra Palace

Fanfarlo on the move

YouTube Preview Image

Over the last few months, via the musical grapevine, the band Fanfarlo has kept reappearing on my radar. But it wasn’t until visiting the UK in October that I actually heard them for the first time. I was able to catch them at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, where I was initially only there to catch opening act First Aid Kit. After settling on the fact that I could walk away completely satisfied after their set, Fanfarlo took the stage. While on record they sound a bit harnessed and calculated, their live show illuminates their talent enthusiastically. Created by ex-Swede Simon Balthazar, the six-piece band is based out of London and has been actively touring Europe and the US on their debut record Reservoir throughout 2009. They also just played CMJ and have again been added to the SXSW 2010 roster.

Balthazar sings with a sweet and bold voice (similar to that of Beirut’s Zach Condon) and is backed by an amazing group who each play multiple instruments to form a big full sound, reminding me of the Arcade Fire. Have a listen, but more importantly, check out some live footage.

Fanfarlo has recently been recording a number of “Laptop Sessions” where they perform covers. You can find those here, as well as some music videos.

Wilco By The Sea

New album out on May 15th. Now Wilco have been confirmed for the second weekend at this year’s ATP.

I can’t really afford ATP this year – I hope they’re going to do some other UK shows around then.

Everyday Is Like Sunday

I guess that the Eurovision Song Contest doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the States. The BBC coverage is drenched in a so-bad-it-must-be good irony, when in actual fact it is a relic of a bygone era, limping into the modern times with phone voting and the like. Naff does not always mean good.

So, how to take the rumours reported in the Guardian that they’re trying to rope in Mozz to help next year ?

“As a result it seems that Moz has been in talks with the BBC, who screen the annual caterwauling competition live and must therefore have some say in what goes on.”

Well, take it firstly with a pinch of salt. It is only a rumour after all, and secondly? Just because he’s (almost) a national icon, it doesn’t mean he’d stand a chance of winning. Eurovision has always been, and surely always will be, a celebration of the mediocre.

Stadium Wank

Muse yesterday confirmed their final jump into the realms of enormodome Stadium Cock Rockers, with the announcement that they are going to be the first band to play the new Wembley Stadium, if it ever opens, and if nobody books it for the week before.

Bon Jovi and Take That had previously announced headline dates at the new stadium, but the never-ending chronicle of building delays and financial wranglings saw those gigs forced upon the poor burghers of Milton Keynes instead.

For those long-suffering people in the edge of London, it looks like there will be no escape from Matt Bellamy’s fever pitch. Lock up your cats.

C’mon Billy

ATP have announced that next year’s UK Event is going to be curated by The Dirty Three, and that the event has indeed shifted from Pontins to Butlins, as per much of the speculation after this year’s event. Farewell Camber Sands, Too-Rye-Ay.

News on the line-up due next week, which in ATP speak usually means around Christmas.

In A Funny Way

You fall in love. You fall out of love. You move on. You leave things behind. Sometimes, you see a glimpse, a reminder of the past, and you wonder how the hell the two of you drifted apart. Such is my relationship with Mercury Rev. It’s not that I don’t recall how we drifted apart, its just that I’ve been reminded quite how furiously I loved this band, and I can’t believe that we let anything come between us.
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Tindersticks – 17th September 2006

Don’t Look Back is simultaneously joyous and priggish. It’s eclectic, a programme giving equal billing (more or less) to Green On Red and Ennio Morricone. But there’s also a sense of smugness about it with the implicit suggestion that they’re striking a blow against the singles / iPod mentality and restoring the beauty of classic albums to their rightful places. And then there are the Tindersticks.
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Roddy Woomble & Friends – 28th July 2006

England’s oppressive summer cracks still on. “I’m glad to be here,” says Roddy, “Not least because it’s a hundred and ten degrees downstairs and it smells of rotten vegetables.”

Unluckily for the young Scottish fella, the temperature in the venue is much the same, and I doubt whether it smells any more fragrant than backstage. Yes, the Bloomsbury Theatre is a lovely intimate venue. No, it doesn’t have air conditioning.

My Secret Is My Silence - Roddy Woomble

When word got out that Roddy Woomble was taking time out from Idlewild to record a folk album, it wasn’t exactly earth-shattering news. His band had, after all, moved from shambolic punksters to rocking only slightly harder than Coldplay. Roddy’s solo album, so it seemed, would just carry on moving up the mainstream. But Roddy takes his art seriously, and in conjunction with a load of genuine folk folk, he’s made a tender sofly-spoken album that stays in the memory for far longer than it’s relatively short running time.
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