RJD2 Returns To Columbus May 25th.

RJD2 is playing with his Cowtown all-star band at Skullys, on Friday, May 25th. yippee..

RJ debuted his live band in March 9th, at the Wexner Center. Because it was the first show, the performance was on a par with a hyped, inexperienced basketball team with a hotshot coach and a good recruiting class in their first game. Lots of talent, lots of insight, brilliant moments, but not 100 percent cohesive and focused. Peep Duffy’s take.

I went to check out the band and Big Homie in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. It was lightweight funny cause it was at some place that sold wings called Birdy’s. So picture Flanagans in Dublin mixed with Little Brothers and you might be in the right volleyball court. My only critique of the show was that it was filled with girls that would’nt buy me drinks because they were saving their money for Bonnorrooo. Bummer. The show itself sounded like dollar signs. Ghostwriter never had it so good.

RJ & company are coming back to the Bus May 25th to show what’s poppin before they go have Euros spending Euros in Europe, yah yah yah.

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