Letter to the New Leona Naess Album

My friend Steve has written a letter to the mysterious Leonna Naess album that has yet to come out, and he’d like to share it with you:


Dear new Leona Naess album that’s never gonna come out:

Well, it’s been another year or two of waiting and I just wanted to drop a line to remind you how much you suck because you haven’t come out yet. I’ll stop by your mom Leona’s website now and then and read her blog about how she’s recording and re-recording and recording again in LA and NY and London and everywhere, but that sure doesn’t help. Not at all. Compared to you, Liz Phair albums are like the TV Guide with the frequency they come out. Boy, it sure hasn’t been any fun waiting for you these past few years, when I think of all the things I’ve done without you to listen to. I think I hate you.

Bye for now! Won’t see you soon!

— Steve

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