From Little Brother’s to…. Liquid???

Oh, Columbus. Look, I’m nostalgic but I’m not an asshole. Little Brother’s closing this past summer was not a good thing in any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been curious as to what business was going to take over the space, and if it was something that I thought was good, I’d check it out and become a regular customer if I liked it. I mean, it’s not the fault of the new business, right?

But then Deville posted these photos on his blog:



Liquid? Seriously…. LIQUID? If you judge a book by it’s name, it sounds like some sort of crappy young professional establishment that I will never want to go to, let alone look directly in it’s eye.

Granted, I could be wrong. Maybe it’ll be some sort of aquarium-like restaurant, where you wear scuba gear and they feed you booze through a snorkel. If that is the case, I will love this place. This place will be my new home. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Ah well, whatever. The Arena District’s slow takeover of the Short North continues. I swear, it never would have happened if the Cap wasn’t created.

In conclusion, here is a photo of what I wish this place will be like, but I am not holding my gills:


  • Marcus

    I was told that LIQUID is a Lesbian nightclub that originates in Marion and will make its move to the Short North. My source is quite reliable as they told me of this change before it was announced that Little Brother’s would be closing.

  • if liquid really did feed you booze through a snorkel then i’d move to wherever it is you live. that sounds rad.

  • jawbreaker

    I hope it’s a lesbian bar and not a douchebag bar.

    At least the Stripe Shirts will stay outta Bourbon St.

  • J Caleb Mozzocco

    Great, now I have “Come along with the Snorks” stuck in my head.

  • LK

    To corroborate, I had heard the same thing…lesbian bar. It has a great locale so here’s to hoping it will be about as much of a ‘lesbian bar’ as Surly Girl was once billed. Although, I don’t think I can ever be quite comfortable in a place called ‘Liquid’. Cheeseball South Beach..eek.

  • The other rumor was that a Melting Pot fondue restaurant was going to go in there. I’d prefer a lesbian bar over that.

    And honestly, cap or no cap… arena district or arena district… the Short North was bound to continue to grow and eventually become a high-rent neighborhood that only chain restaurants and expensive condos could afford to develop in. It’s happened in similar artist neighborhoods in other cities, so Columbus is really no different.

    The quicker we stop feeling sad about it and the quicker we look to the next “arts” district the better off we’ll all be.

  • Robert Duffy

    trust me, i’m not sad. i rarely go into the short north anymore as it is, so i’m not losing any sleep over it.