SXSW Official Party Page Shows Some Updates

A lot of it is placeholder info right now (not many bands associated with the parties), but make sure this page is on your radar.

  • C

    so do you need a badge or wristband for all of these SXSW official parties?

    looks like most are during the day…

  • clint

    not sure what you’re saying “c”. but day parties are pretty much open for the public. night shows are you pretty much need at least a wristband unless the place is dead.

  • cafe

    it was my understanding that the day parties listed on the sxsw site generally require badges. it’s the multitudes of “unofficial” day parties that are often open to the public.

  • Chris

    some of the ones on the site say by invitation only

  • For more parties look at

    Most day parties are free by the way

  • Phil

    If its in like in an Official SXSW party and held in a SXSW tent, every time ive been at SXSW they always ask to see your badge, but those are like the showcase parties held by the certain countries and their music (which most of the ones on that page are). those are held during the day across from the convention center usually. but the unofficials i hear are open to the public. hope that helps. if i am wrong please correct me

  • you are on the spot phil