Announcing the First Ever Day Show During SXSW

For as much as we have covered the SXSW Music Festival, has never been a part of any show whatsoever.

We have one last, late addition to our event:


Get there early if you want to meet our free friend. Now, onto the schedule: and the Midgetmen proudly present

The Big Texas Jumpstart at the Creekside Lounge (606 E 7th St)
Wednesday, March 12 – 12 – 6:30PM | FREE SHOW NO RSVP


5:30 Spinto Band
4:45 Division Day
4:00 Joseph Arthur
3:20 AA Bondy
2:25 Midgetmen
1:30 Catfish Haven
12:45 Goes Cube
12:00 El Jesus de Magico

What a bill, huh? I’m super excited. I was thinking this might be a good event for people who read the site to start their SXSW bender. Stop by, see the band, compare your schedules, punch me for giving bad info, trade secrets, etc etc. I think the doors will be open by 11AM so people can hang out, etc etc. I sort of imagine it as an extension to the community that we’ve built for SXSW discussions.

And we’re going to be having some pretty sweet giveaways to the first 50ish people… YES, FREE STUFF!

UPDATE: I love all you bands out there, but I’m sorry to say we’re completely full for this show.

  • jonesy

    WORD! i will be there

  • indeed. i will give the finger to work and head on down in style. can’t start drinking early enough during sxswasted.

  • oz

    What’s with all the great Wed shows this year! I’ll miss it. Great lineup though.

  • Jenn

    Sweet! I’ll be there =D

  • cb

    It’s about fri$#g time you guys had a showcase!

    Too bad it’s opposite mine (Guitartown/Conqueroo.) But what a great day of music.

  • Matt

    it is about time. I have used this site and all of its wonderful resources for years and it is going to be great to attend a Donewaiting party.

  • Sounds like fun.. could use a good kickstart.


  • Hey Robert check out the post I did for this event on Do512. I just sent you an email. Looks like a great party. Jimmy

  • anon

    I saw AA Bondy in St. Louis tonight. Awesome. Excellent. Amazing. x327 – Highly recommend

  • Jeremy

    So by “free show” does this mean those of us without wristbands are welcome to attend?

  • Robert Duffy

    bring us your tired, your wristbandless, your badgeless, your hungover… all may enter.

  • We’re pimping your day party, too, Robert! It’s too beautiful to overlook!