Schedule for Day Show

We have one last, late addition to our event:


Get there early if you want to meet our free friend. Now, onto the schedule: and the Midgetmen proudly present

The Big Texas Jumpstart at the Creekside Lounge (606 E 7th St)
Wednesday, March 12 – 12 – 6:30PM | FREE SHOW NO RSVP


5:30 Spinto Band
4:45 Division Day
4:00 Joseph Arthur
3:20 AA Bondy
2:25 Midgetmen
1:30 Catfish Haven
12:45 Goes Cube
12:00 El Jesus de Magico

  • bo

    Isn’t that the same time El Jesus is playing the cdr showcase? or does that mean noon?

  • 12 noon. :)

  • PBR bitches!

  • Don’t tell Catfish haven I write for you … my distrust of their sound has carried over even into the (not-really) vaunted pages of Spin.

    Speaking of which, remember when the Spin party was the ONLY party to go to at SXSW. Do they eve have a party any more?

  • Stefan Nilsson

    Not related to this post, but going through the SXSW list of bands, I notice that Absolutely Kosher have about a million bands playing. Good for them!