SXSW Friday Night 2008

Shout Out Louds photo by Chasing Fun

This is coming in late, and if you check more than one music website on the internet, you’re probably sick of this SXSW talk. But we’ve promised to end our coverage in 24 hours, so be patient and be understanding, and maybe download an mp3 or two.

Friday for me started out at the Filter party to see Shout Out Louds. This was the third time I’ve seen them, and probably the best performance of them all. Band is just amazing live, and the textures of their album really carry out during their performances. This is a band that I can never get sick of.

Then it was time for Los Campesinos!, a band that I was really looking forward to seeing at the festival. To be honest, until I saw this post on Brooklyn Vegan, I thought the band was some Mexican alt-rock band. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Imagine the “Legal Man” side of Belle and Sebastian with a whole lot more pop and you’re almost in the ballpark. Two of the dudes played with their shirts off and I am pretty sure they had sun poisoning by the time their set was over. All for the love of rock… hope they come to Ohio..

Those were the only bands I saw in the afternoon. After that I was on the radio with Andyman for CD 101 in Columbus OH talking about SXSW. Slaybaugh came along, and I grabbed Adam Smith from CDR to join in on the adventure, too.

Evening started at the Big Shout Touring evening showcase with Ravens and Chimes (mp3). I described them as Arcade Fire meets Polyvinyl Records, if that means anything to anyone. I enjoyed their set, wish they sold their record at the show.

After them was The Builders and the Butchers (mp3). This was a band that I easily fell in love with, sounding like the music Devotchka might make if they lived in the Americana genre. I’ve been told that Chris Funk from the Decemberists has produced their new album, so I’m expecting big things from these guys.

From there I went to the WFMU show to see Carla Bozulich’s new band, Evangelista (mp3). Some sound problems early on seemed to upset Carla, but once the band got into a good groove it was a great blend of noise and melody. I need to pick up the album to hear what the band sounds like recorded.

I ended the night with two legends: J Mascis and Thurston Moore. A nice ending to another great day at SXSW.

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