New Girl Talk: Feed the Animals

MP3: Play Your Part (Pt 1) by Girl Talk

Girl Talk has released his new album, Feed the Animals, and you can pay whatever you want for it on the Illegal Art website. Vinyl coming this summer.

While listening, be sure to follow along on the Wikipedia page, it’s good for many “OH YEAH! THAT’S WHO IT IS!!!!” moments.

  • Andrew

    Definitely better than Night Ripper. I’m in love!!

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  • Iasiis Seer

    I like both Night Ripper and FTA but Feed The Animals is more up to date. And mor ehigh energy peaks happen there.

    Check out my in depth review of Feed The Animals over here at my blog Noosic:


  • teamtim

    Just downloaded it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Every 1.5 minutes, it makes me smile.