Update: RIP Noel Sayre (The Black Swans, Pretty Mighty Mighty

July 8 Update: Details on funeral services and donations.

8:32PM Update: Jerry from The Black Swans has sent this message.

4:14PM Update: Dispatch obituary here.

1:51PM Update: Aaron Beck from Columbus Dispatch just e-mailed me and said that Noel died 1:08AM today.

From Cringe.com:

I just got a call from a long time friend of Noel Sayre’s. The violinist for The Black Swans and Pretty Mighty Mighty was rescued from nearly drowning in Portsmouth, Ohio Tuesday evening, but remains in very critical condition. A few more details can be found here.

Send some good thoughts to Noel, his family and his friends.

Well wishes also in the message board

  • jen

    very very tragic news.

  • By Paul July 4, 2008

    Noel was my neighbor for over 10 years, but he was away to school for several, and I really didn’t get to know him until the last 5 or so years. he was a good neighbor and friend, and I had the priveledge of helping him in projects around his house. It’s not going to be same around here. Good luck to the rest of his band and friends, especially Jerry & Christie.