Cam’ron in Columbus This Saturday, April 4th

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I have been praying to Mecca 3 times a day. I learned Latin to fully immerse myself in communion. I haven’t gotten any tattooes because the Torah forbids it. I wear a fez instead of a tarboosh. I do not allow my reactive mind to make me unclear.
Everytime I perform sexual activities with a female I refuse to bust so that my chi will remain strong.(((makes road head weird))).

Finally, all the devotion and summonng the universes’ powers have paid off:
Cam’ron is returning to Columbus. He is performing at Karma Club this Saturday, April 4th

After the break, I cut & pasted my account of the last time I saw Cam’ron perform in Columbus on omnimix years ago.
. some free time to post about this:

We got there towards the tail-end of Fatty Koo.
Nothing to really hold our attention.

The last time I had been to PromoWest had been for Modest Mouse.
At the Modest Mouse show,I had a lawn ticket so really the only thing I could see is a bunch of hippy girls trying to dance.
I remember wondering why Modest Mouse was trying to be a jam band and then realized its cause we were at an outdoor show.

Luckily for us,the seating was open so we were able to go into the patio area, where the view was good in time to the Youngbloods.
Really, you can’t fuck with bass and keyboard heavy synth krunk beats when played loud. The crowd was going ape-shit.

“If you don’t give a damn then we don’t give a fuck”
“Don’t Start No Shit Won’t Be No Shit”

This is the most peace loving hook ever. The crowd chanted along in unison like it was the truest thing they ever heard.
Maybe it was the outdoor venue or something but I started viewing the Youngbloods as hippies.
The crowd was there to drink, smoke weed and not infringe on each other.
Like the Black Jimmy Buffet or something.

The shirts Youngbloods were wearing were awesome.
A handwritten shit that said “Can’t Sell Dope Forever”. The other dood was rocking(ahem) a Baking Soda T-Shirt.

They also played a new song of their upcoming album “Erebody Know Me”. I don’t know the name of the song but part of the hook went. “I smoke. that cush. that presidential weed. That George Bush”.
Shit was live as fuck.

They had this wierd fashion show before the Dipset came out sponsored by a vintage clothing store that is about to open.
Any time the men walked out, we would yell “No Homo”.

They bring the Dips out.
Largest Entourage I have ever seen.
The whole Promowest stage was lined with dig doods wearing Diplomat T-Shirts. This went three deep.

Cam came out and did “Bout It’. The crowd response was interesting.
The front was going apeshit.
Then the middle was lethargic.
We were just in back of the middle. So you had the 20 plus of us going nuts in out section.
The whole crowd was layed out like this.

Cam then did “Leave Me Alone’. “Killa Cam”
Same response from the crowd.
Sporadic pockets of people going crazy,intertwined with people who were not.

Juelz came out. Did “More Gangsta Music” , “Gangsta Music”, and”Mic Chec”.

The crowd finally unified during “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma”

Which made sense.
Dipset haven’t have a across the board national radio hit in a few years.
SO while they maintain a profile, the average Top 40 fan isn’t gonna know all their shit.
The fact they are still able to headline @ Promowest is kind of amazing.
LLoyd Banks could’nt put as many people as Atmospehe Newport, which is a much smaller venue.

The contrast in the crowd was kinda limiting because you can’t full whild out if a few people next to you are just waiting to hear “Down and Out”.

They dropped “Santana’s Town”.
We are like fuck it, lets have fun.
Starting moshing.
What was dope was that a bunch of people we didn’t know jumped and moshed with us.
Doods with bandanas and fronts.
It was dope to see we weren’t the only ones waiting wild out.
Martin and Ender both jump on my back so I coud run around the most pit with them chickenfight style.
I could hold Martin.
Ender, I could’nt.
I ended up falling down and ripping my pants.

After this the crowd loosened up more and starting partying.
It was kinda funny watching Martin dance with some dood and his girl.
I kept waiting for the dood to think Martin was gay or his girl to be like who the fuck it this wierd white boy.
But it wasn’t even like that.
Basically we had pushed all of the lames out by moshing.
So only party people were around.

Cam told us he loved Columbus and thanked us for holding him down for so long.
He then brought Chubbs out.
Was like this is my man.
He is Columbus Dipset.
He let Chubbs rock a solo.
Juelz backed CHubbs up.
Juelz had this huge smile.

They did a few more cuts.
Then they dropped “Down and Out’.
The entire crowd got what they wanted.
“Columbus Holla”.

It was a dope show.
A lot of fun.

The other funny thing was that Kese rocked a fur that he found in his parents basement.
So all night girls were stopping him and getting their picture taken with him.

Girls would be like “Ain’t you hot?”
Kese…”Naw baby, I am too cool?’


“Not as hot as you girl”

One girl wasn’t having it. Told him he was rocking a girls fur.
He was like. Well, you are right.

All and All.
Powerfest was really fun.

  • YESSSS SIR!!!!!


  • oh man, that shit was so long ago. i remember shawn telling me to listen to jeezy at that show… that’s like 4 years ago now.

    where have you been, cam?

  • wes flexner

    you shoulda asked jim jones when you met him at la guarda?
    did you talk to him at all?

  • one of the best music events i have ever been to was at karama when it was called redzone. (number two on my list….)
    we saw jim jones in the front room….this was a month after the show at proma….and the second time i had seen him at this point……i also think it was the same night as n. nelsons leaving party……
    shiest bub was there and so was jah jah just to name a few, not to mention the weird and amazing list of people wes and i went with…..AMAZE!
    jim came out waaaaassssssttttttteeeeedddddd, with an iced out bottle of champagne chain on.(nice)……..the stage was just a few risers….shti was liek a hardcore show………we left after the show ended and the cops were letting there tazzers go (read like” lettin them guns go”…that purple city joint)…..cuz people were acting up (its the redzone duh)

    like i said this concert was only second to the first time i saw guccimane at club ice, which was the best concert i have ever been to!

  • Did you talk with Jim Jones? if so, how was it? =)

  • just asked where he was going. the whole airport was tired and pissed off, so i didn’t really feel like chopping it up too long. dude was nice though, said he was going to atlanta to party.

  • that outdoor shit was fun…moshing with the whole hood.
    tonite should be the same, lets get it peeps.