Presents Live at Electraplay: Langhorne Slim (with bonus mp3)

MP3: Diamonds and Gold ( Presents Live at Electraplay)

Doing original video on the site is something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long, long, while. Never could find the spare time or assemble the right people to put it together… But with Joel running things in Columbus and James @ Electraplay managing these sessions, it looks like dreams really do come true.

This session featuring Langhorne Slim is definitely my favorite. Not only are the videos great, but this amazing version of “Diamonds and Gold” can be downloaded as an MP3. Listening to this MP3 for like the tenth time and it’s bringing me so much happiness. If you don’t have the new album, Be Set Free, get it pronto.

Keep reading for all the videos and credits for the session.

Full session:

Produced and Directed by James Allison
Videography by Nathan Photos and James Allison
Audio by Tim Race and Tony Stewart
Interviews by Daniel Kirschenbaum
Motion Graphics by Nick Cavalier
Edited by James Allison

  • Bridgit McCarthy

    love the new videos and soooooo glad to hear that you have a girlfriend. SO many of your songs are about heart breaking/breaking up so, and as a person who reads heavily into the lyrics, I thought you may have been headed to perpetual bachelorhood. what a waste that would have been!
    have fun with the most intense musician I know. Have seen him 5+ times and he just takes out his heart and lays it on the table for all of us fans.

  • Katie Kuss-Shivler

    I love this version of Diamonds and Gold, especially the addition of David picking the melody on banjo. Wonderful, wonderful! Also, I love seeing Boots get some play, one of my favorites. Best line “As toilets generally go, it just felt right.”