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Friday: Loyal Divide @ The Newport

They may have left Columbus to make it big in Chicago (and they’ve been doing a good job playing on some great bills and generating a buzz not only in the Windy City but on the world wide web), but Loyal Divide has not forgotten about their Buckeye past. It seems like they are playing here more now then they did when they were based in Columbus.

I’m always at a loss on how to exactly describe these guys – they come from seemingly an indie rock (everything from The Cure to Modest Mouse) background but have fully embraced technology and bring a Nine Inch Nails electronic flavor to their output.

Electraplay Studio recently had Loyal Divide into the studio where they recorded “MDLD” which you can see below.

Loyal Divide will be joined by LD, Boombox and Alpha Delta tonight at The Newport. Doors open at 8, show starts at 9. Tickets are $20 at the door.

Donewaiting presents Live at Electraplay: Fort Wilson Riot, Sewing Machine War

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Music Week Columbus kicks off tonight, with a whole bunch of bands playing at Kobo, Ravari Room and Rumba Cafe. Thursday night at Kobo you can catch Youngstown’s Sewing Machine War, and Friday night at Rumba Fort Wilson Riot (above) of Minneapolis will headline.

Both bands stopped by Electraplay studios recently to record a live session, so here’s an in-studio preview of what to expect at their Music Week Columbus sets.
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MP3: Damien Jurado – Newspaper Gown (Donewaiting presents Live at Electraplay)

When we booked a session with Damien Jurado, I assumed he’d stick to songs from his most recent record, Saint Bartlett. And that would have been fine. Instead, though, Jurado treated us to some deep cuts, including a couple personal favorites (“Rehearsals for Departure,” “What Were the Chances”). These older ones, Jurado said, are songs he hasn’t played live in a long time or ever.

Plus, we get a couple of new, unreleased songs — “You for a While” and “Newspaper Gown” (mp3 above). Check out the full session below, five intimate performances in all, and Columbus folks mark your calendars for Damien Jurado at the Treehouse May 22. Continue reading

Maps & Atlases: New “Live at Electraplay” version of “Solid Ground,” EP out tomorrow

Maps & Atlases were one of the first bands to do a Live at Electraplay session for donewaitingTV, and the dudes enjoyed it so much they came back to the studio to a cut a new, live-in-the-studio version of the song “Solid Ground,” which you can watch above.

That previously unheard/unreleased version of “Solid Ground” will see its official release tomorrow on the iTunes-only EP Living Decorations, which will also feature a remix of “Pigeon” by Frightened Rabbit, a remix of “Living Decorations” by Friendly Ghost and a remix of “Perch Patchwork” by Josh Morrissey. Cover art and track list below. Continue reading presents Live at Electraplay: DD/MM/YYYY (with mp3)

MP3: DD/MM/YYYY – Zebra Cakes (Live at Electraplay)

DD/MM/YYYY is an amiable group of fellows from the Great White North that do a good job of defying categorization. Art-wave is what I might call it, turbo-psyche is what they might call it. Pseudo-genres aside, you certainly can’t deny their energy. The fact that they somehow managed to play a near record 18 shows in 3 days at SXSW in 2010 is a case in point. (Unfortunately they won’t be making the trek this year.) The dudes were kind enough to swing by Electraplay when they were in town on tour with the now-defunct Women and jam a few tunes, drink a few beers and answer a few questions. Check out how the rest went after the break. Continue reading presents Live at Electraplay: Tim Kasher of Cursive (+mp3)

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MP3: Tim Kasher – Just Don’t Get Caught (Live at Electraplay)

Sometimes when you put a mic in front of an indie musician and tell him to talk, it’s like he’s never seen a mic before. Suddenly, talking about a song’s meaning or origin is akin to destroying the song. (This doesn’t happen with hip-hop artists.) So it’s refreshing when a guy like Tim Kasher of Cursive is willing and ready to talk about how a song came into being. Check out the preambles to the single-song videos, or at the bottom of the post for the full-length interview.

Tim Kasher’s The Game of Monogamy is out now on Saddle Creek ($5 at Amazon). Continue reading Presents Live at Electraplay: Ólöf Arnalds (+mp3)

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MP3: Olof Arnalds – Surrender (live at Electraplay)

Last month, I had the good fortune to sit down with Ólöf Arnalds and her partner Davíð when they visited Columbus. If you unwisely chose not to treat yourself to her show at the Wex on October 15th, you now can now find their exclusive Electraplay session here, plus an exclusive live MP3 of “Surrender.” In-studio performances include “Crazy Car” above and “Innundir Skinni,” “Surrender” and “Madrid” below.

Love that Davíð is sporting the “Ohio Against the World” T-shirt. He told me an animated story about how it had been given to him in Cincinnati.
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MP3: The Wildbirds – Slow Down

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s The Wildbirds (not to be confused with Wildbirds and Peacedrums or Angry Birds) made the 400+ mile trek to Columbus back in September to play a show with hometown dudes George Elliot Underground (whose drummer filled in for the session/show) and they were kind enough to stop by Electraplay for a High Life-fueled “ presents Live at Electraplay” session. The Wildbirds have gotten nods from “Little Steven” Van Zandt, Rolling Stone dude David Fricke and ESPN so they must be doing something right.

We talked about beer (it was basically a coincidence that I brought a 30-pack of High Life), told jokes (theirs were funnier than mine) and pretty much just hung out and high-fived (I honestly don’t remember).

Kings of Leon are the poor man’s Wildbirds.

More videos after the jump! jump! Continue reading presents Live at Electraplay: Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s (+mp3)

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MP3: Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s – Will You Love Me Forever (Donewaiting Live at Electraplay)

You’ll see from these live sessions at Electraplay that Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s are all about guitars now. Gone are the strings, horns, triangles, various hand percussion, etc. (along with some of the members who played them). Even Columbus’s Erik Kang, who plays violin in Super Desserts, played only guitar on Margot’s new album, Buzzard. This is a leaner, and sometimes meaner, Margot. See and hear for yourself. More videos below.
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MP3: Gamble House – Second to None (Live at Electraplay)

I’m kind of of the opinion that “Central Park” is one of the best indie-pop songs released in 2010. Gamble House was a lucky find, I happened to open an e-mail from a digital marketing publicist who was sharing some MP3s, links, and tour dates and when I noticed these guys were coming through Columbus with Rogue Wave, I figured I’d give them a quick listen. Glad I did as this seems to be the kind of band that I’ll proudly boast about “discovering early” before the rest of the world caught on.

The Grizzly Bear comparisons are fair and even the guys in the band will admit that they are fans, but the level of musicianship in Gamble House rivals that of any band currently charting on the CMJ 200.
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