Wednesday: Gamble House opens for Rogue Wave at The Basement

What year did Ben Becker hop in a time machine and set the dial for 2010? I’m guessing somewhere between 1968 and 1974. Hopefully we’ll get an answer to that question tomorrow when Gamble House records their Donewaiting “Live at Electraplay” session a few hours before hitting The Basement stage as the opening act for Rogue Wave.

Gamble House’s self-titled CD was released in May and there hasn’t been a single review of the CD that doesn’t reference Grizzly Bear as a comparison. I’m admittedly not that familiar with Grizzly Bear so I don’t hear the similarities but if it’s a fair comparison, I’m going to have to spend more time investigating the Grizzly Bear catalog as the Gamble House CD has been on heavy iPod rotation this week. Check it out for yourself and familiarize yourself with the music before heading to The Basement.

<a href="">Central Park by Gamble House</a>

  • Grizzly Bare

    Listening to this on audio is even more of a rip off than it appeared live tonight. I understand the cycle of bands trying to copy a popular sound but the reverb-drenched archtop guitar, the syncopated drumming, the “ahh’s” instead of lyrics – it’s just way too much of a copy to be a coincidence. If I was in GB I would sue.

  • Josh

    I don’t really think you can accuse a band of ripping someone off anymore. It does sound like Grizzly Bear, but it sounds like plenty of other people too (as does Grizzly Bear). Either way, I think the album is a really good first effort and I’m pumped to see how they’ll move forward.

  • Steve

    ‘Grizzly Bare’? That’s you’re name? Perhaps your parents weren’t original enough. And “syncopated drumming” with “reverb-drenched archtop guitars..” you’re right, no one else would ever do anything like that.

  • anonymous

    @ grizzly hare… dude, have you looked around at music being made right now… grizzly bear mimicks tons of other people, as does everyone else making music. they do sound similar, but if you actually checked out the album, you’d realize the music stands on it’s own as solid music.