MP3:DJ Missile-White Black N It (Feat Devin from New City Gypsy & Path 614)

MP3:DJ Missile-White Black’n It feat Devin from New City Gypsy (Produced by Path aka Jared not Phillips)

I stopped into Carabar to have a drink with Ron Barker. Someone on our message board had been taking shots at Ron and his bar, Carabar, this week. Ron requested that he could use our public forum to address his detractors, and beyond.

  • Brandon

    Was Dick’s Picks mellowing him out or harshing his mellow? Best thing I’ve seen this side of Weed$teeler. Kudos.

  • Julia

    I have learned that it is better to take shots with Ron than to take shots at Ron.

  • Billy Cool

    Wow, that was terrible. Why use a metronome, if you are not going to listen to it while recording? Shawn Woosely/I feel woosy? Really? That is the best you could do? I don’t give a shit about who’s wrong or right over the bar tab/credit card issue, but I do like a good Internet fight. Writing a song in response is taking it to the next level, and is a great opportunity to go for the lethal blow, but this just sucks. I say that the fiercelime fellow is winning, just because this was so lacking of effort.

  • you got it coming, and some of yall got it coming too…

  • weed steeler

    the best mixtape ever cashola….

  • wesflexner

    does anyone have IOK DRAMA vol 1?
    i think weedsteeler dot com needs to reissue it on the site.

  • woosley

    I just realized that was Heavy D(evin). I can’t wait to bust out some rhymes on his a$$ in Emcee Babydick’s next cassingle.

  • @wes i still have it actually. lol

  • Wes Flexner

    does anyone have flicks of the corresponding toss-ups?

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  • woosley

    This Trash-Hop mess similarly took about 3 minutes to record. Ron’s time is up.