Video: Homeless man with “God-given gift of voice”

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This video started circulating today, and I had to post it. Just listen to this guy’s voice. Someone give him a job! Apparently you can find him at the I-71/Hudson interchange.

Update: According to the Dispatch (where the video originated), the paper has been fielding calls of interest from NFL Films, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. for Ted Williams, but apparently WNCI is the only media outlet who has been able to get in touch with him so far. Also, that video had 300 views yesterday morning. It now has over 4 million.

More updates: The Today Show is flying him in for their show tomorrow morning.

1/6: This story is far beyond little update recaps. Ted Williams is the most popular man in the world right now. Just do some Googling to keep track of what’s going on in the life of the man with the golden voices. Today show appearance here. Youtube at 11.7 million views and counting… Suffice it to say, I don’t think I’ll see Ted on my way to Lowe’s.

  • olgranny

    I’ve seen him a few times. Much more inclined to give him money after watching this.

  • ben

    this dude has just torn up the internet today. I’ve seen this video posted all over the place. way beyond just columbus now.

    • rankin

      note to all columbus bands:

      step one: become homeless

      step two: get filmed in the youtubes

      step three: someone finally notices you!!!!!

  • Mad skillz! A walking audition! If he were still getting high he’d be a great Howard Stern wack-packer – maybe he could replace George Takei

  • Phinneas Gage

    He’s forthcoming about his history with drugs and alcohol. That’s refreshing and is indicative of a good attitude.

    I hope he thinks to go to the library with some of those dollars and prints out a couple of resumes to hand out by the road, too. Or at least some letters of interest.

  • Diamond Method

    So, by “calls” you mean? Ha, this is a great story though. I bet bums will be coming out of the woodwork now with their god given talents.

    • Joel Oliphint

      Fixed. Meant to say the Dispatch was getting calls.

  • Dennis Haskins

    I think the Cavs just offered him a job, no lie

  • olgranny

    Yeah, Deadspin (Gawker) reports this too…