SXSW Launches Streaming Radio Station on Shoutcast

Listen to it here. Doesn’t look like you can skip songs a la Pandora, and clicking on an artist’s name leads you to an AOL search result….

  • jon


  • Jeremy

    Damn, I thought this site was dead. This is the first year I can remember where you guys weren’t way ahead of the official announcements, but this year not only have you not broken any rumors at all, but you’re actually behind the official announcements (hint: announced a shitload more acts a good two weeks ago:

  • not gonna disagree with the official announcements… chasing the “what bands are gonna play sxsw” dragon just isn’t fun to me anymore, especially since SXSW does a good job at getting the word out themselves.

    i’m more interested in the official parties, unofficial parties, the “good stuff”

  • Jeremy

    Fair enough, but that was the main thing that made this site unique since no one else wants to do it either. So are we to take it there hasn’t been a single party announced yet?