Columbus, Ohio Spotify Playlist

I’ve been loving Spotify ever since I started to use it earlier this month. I know people seem to be into Rdio a little more but honestly I never tried it out and am too busy lazy to check out the other service.

Playlists are a big thing on Spotify and I figured I’d share one that I’ve put together. My
Columbus Ohio playlist features music from as many Columbus bands that I could find (two albums max). The playlist includes Ron House, Royal Crescent Mob, Blueprint, Envelope, RJD2, The Black Swans, The Sun, Megan Palmer, Lydia Loveless, New Bomb Turks, Times New Viking, The Whiles, J Rawls, and many more.

If there are Columbus bands on Spotify that I missed, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them.

  • The Sun! <3

  • jason

    The entire Documenting The Sound of Relay Recording comp from 2002 is on there!

  • Robert Duffy

    yep…. i got that on there.. including the 25 Hour Grand Prixe from Workbook Studio…. and also “I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records”

  • The entire Old 3C Records catalog is available on Spotify via IODA, our digital distributor.

    So, that would include these Columbus-area artists — Alyosha Het, Beetkeepers, The Beatdowns, Burn Barrel, Ego Summit, Great Plains, Househearts, Log, The Mealworms, Orchestraville, Randall Douglas Matson, Ron House, Saint Paul (Paul Nini), Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, and Vena Cava.

    There’s also Akron/Kent/Cleveland band Cruel, Cruel Moon; Yellow Springs’ Stark Folk Band; Cincinnati’s Fungobat (Mike Hagen), and former Columbusite/NYC resident The Malefactors of Great Wealth (J.P. Olsen). Shades of Al Davis, Peck of Snide, and The New Normal all hail from Chicagoland.

  • Mike Brown

    Could you email me the track/band list? I’m not on Spotify yet to be able to see this. Been looking to make a new list for the car.

  • Smash

    The Lost Revival

    • Robert Duffy

      added, thanks

  • Bill Condo

    State Your Cause

  • The Westsylvanians – Allegheny Front

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  • Steve

    Darynyck ‘The Chaotic LP’

  • Strikken is a metal band from Columbus.

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