TuneCore CEO speaks out against Grooveshark

TuneCore – the notoriously artist-friendly online distribution site – is now openly speaking out against Grooveshark – a music streaming service launched in 2007. TuneCore CEO Jeff Price is fumed by Grooveshark’s use of music without permission and failure to pay artists/labels. Apparently, GS’s “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness later than it is to ask for permission now” notion is not flying with Price. Read more via Digital Music News.

  • dan

    Jeff, You and your site are both failures you have ZERO traffic and wish you were GROOVESHARK. Bashing Grooveshark got you some free publicity hooray for you. Grooveshark contacted you and was willing to pay you more than Spotify does. I know you have hard feelings against upper mgmnt. But thats not fair to the indies you represent. Again Who said FAIR…..

  • A while ago, when I looked into finding a way to sell some music (both mine, and some artists on my label), I came across Tunecore. I signed up, and then after that I found some fine print I wasn’t happy with, so I didn’t do anything more than that. However, I did continuously get E-mails from them which I’m almost certain were coming from a distant, pre-Internet time. The opinions were, at least.

    Grooveshark may not have a clean record, but Tunecore is a step in the wrong direction entirely.