Graffiti: Bencher’s Union 2012 Erie, Pa

Bencher’s Union is an annual Hip Hop Showcase in Erie, Pa. Higher Level Art helped organize a graffiti mural that stretches from Peach Street to Sassafrass St and the Bridges at the event. Looks like IOK, PBJ, RA, NSF, MUL, ESE ¬†and a few others participated.

YouTube Preview Image

Clear Soul Forces Live at Bencher’s Union



these MP3’s have nothing to do with Bencher’s Union but are songs that have been emailed to me that i didn’t have time to post this week:

MP3: Chuuwee f Max B Money Make Me Feel Better
MP3; Casual-Rock My Shit
MP3: KeilyN-White_Women x Liquor
MP3: Kool Keith-Extra Thoughts Ft The IMO
MP3: Jeans Wilder- Limeade

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