Jay Electronica Breaks Up A Rothchild’s (Illuminati) Marriage?!

(photo by Envelope)

MP3: Jay Electronica Ft Mobb Deep-Call Of Duty

When Jay Electronica rapped “Brunch With the Rothchilds” on Call of Duty last year, I thought it was a fresh lyric that was a continuation of Hip Hop’s love of conspiracy theories that present powerful British banking family the Rothchilds as key play players in the illumanati. Welp. turns out Electronica wasn’t just breaking bread with the Rothchilds. He was breaking up  their marriages.

The Daily Mail Reports:

It seemed like the perfect union –  a marriage that brought together two of the country’s wealthiest families.

He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica.

Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed the split, saying: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’

The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in  Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning.

Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his  30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2153789/Rothschild-heiresss-marriage-Goldsmith-scion–falls-rapper-called-Jay-Electronica.html#ixzz1wkjuOKwf

  • The great hand

    Considering that he stole someone else’s lyrics to become famous I’m not surprised. http://www.the9elements.com/2010/09/artist-claims-jay-electronica-stole-his.html

  • The great fool

    Have you ever listened to Act 1? The supposed “stolen lyrics”?
    If you had, you would realize that story is fabricated, released solely to raise the view count on the “artists” bandcamp.

  • The great whitelow fool

    First off, it is sad to the extent that the children have to go through this divorce process, it is always difficult when children are involved. As for ‘the great hand’ I’ve called you out on multiple times on twitter to your @voiredireproject page, but anytime you want to come along and bring up your completely fabricated ridiculous ‘8th grade I need attention because I am an overweight tool with no friends’ act I have no problem putting you on blast again. We all know you did not write Act I (or Act II as you called it or whatever), or Exhibit A, and so on. Have you heard songs from Jay’s War with the Dragon which was recorded in the early 2000’s? Did you notice he displayed the same style, lyrical structure that he continues to show? If you did than I don’t think you would have come up with this story. Also, your recordings show that unless you shifted your style and dumbed down your lyrical approach, than there is no way you had even the slightest ability to write Act I.

    Peace bro, I’m glad you’ve gotten a REAL job at a law firm, and hope that your Voir Dire Project develops the way you plan to. Good luck with everything you’re doing man, but for real man just give it up on the ‘I wrote Eternal Sunshine’ gig man, you’ve been going on with it too long.