Watch: Yelawolf Skateboard, Play With A Gun & Jump From A Balcony

YouTube Preview Image

In the above Slumerican tour video Yelawolf does various activities that people value. Let’s rate them. He is really good at skateboarding. Like so good that he makes me feel like I should never type about skateboarding again because it seems fake. He also watches his friend eat shrooms. He seems like he is good at that. Yelawolf busts a handstyle. Not so good. But not terrible.  Yelawolf also plays with a gun. Yelawolf does not shoot himself or his friends so although he is friends with Eminem the Slumerican rapper is no Cheddar Bob. Yelawolf performs to a sell-out crowd. He brings a 12 year-old on stage and also stage dives from a balcony. So he is good at pleasing his fans and being exciting.

Yelawolf  is playing Skully’s in Columbus on October 26th.  Rittz, Trouble Andrew, DJ Vajra and Path are also on the bill. Tickets are available at Dreadful Sounds, Roots Records & online here.

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