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Miranda Sound’s Final Columbus Show

Last night was magical. The final show for a band that’s been around nine years and made a hell of a lot of friends brings people out. As I was sitting at the merch table, I kept watching the door, saying, “Hey, there’s so-and-so. Hey, there’s what’s-his-name.” It was pretty amazing. I think Billy said about five states were represented, including Rhode Island, Indiana and Florida.

Miranda Sound rocked Ravari Room for a solid two hours. During the first few songs, Billy kicked a full bottle of beer over onto Dan’s pedals, prompting him to say that if Dan got electrocuted, it would serve him right for moving to D.C., which got big (good-natured) cheers from the crowd. They moved right along, through a set that included old and new. The new stuff has never sounded better.

Former drummer Scott Haynes stepped up to one of the two drum kits on stage to play along with Dan Bell during “Cast Anchor Cast” and stayed on for a few more dual-drummer versions of songs and to play a few older ones while Dan stood in the audience, listening to the band the way he used to do before he joined four years ago. “Midas” seemed to be a crowd favorite, the chorus shouted back to the band while they smiled.

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1. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Living with the Living

While perhaps not his strongest album, “Living With The Living” reveals a slightly more romantic side of the hardest working man in punk rock today. Sure, there are still plenty of those fiercely political songs – “Bomb Repeat Bomb” is particularly wonderful to scream along with at the top your lungs – but it’s nice to see Ted’s kinder, gentler nature reveal itself in songs like “A Bottle of Buckie” and “Who Do You Love?”

2. Wilco, Sky Blue Sky

While any Wilco album is guaranteed to be miles better than most popular music these days, it was nice to see Jeff Tweedy and Company return to their alt-country roots after the experimentation that was “A Ghost is Born”. “Sky Blue Sky” is the perfect album to play on a lazy Sunday morning spent reading novels on the couch with your legs intwined with those of your significant other. It’s a gentle record that doesn’t require a lot of thought, but definitely pays off when you take the time to really listen. “Hate it Here” is the real gem.

3. Andrew Bird, Armchair Apocrypha

Indie rock’s favorite whistler returns with a fleshed out album that still manages to highlight his quirky lyrics, sleepy vocals and emotional violin work. Enlisting other musicians gives the album a much bigger feel than his previous solo work, and that bigger sound lends itself quite nicely to Bird’s style. “Fiery Crash” is a stand out.

4. Mike Birbiglia, My Secret Public Journal Live

There were several really good comedy albums that came out this year, but this one topped the list. Based on a suggestion by his therapist, Birbiglia kept a journal of embarrassing moments in his life and decided one night to start reading his entries at shows and on the Bob and Tom radio show, where they instantly became a hit. “My Secret Public Journal Live” retells some of those stories and Birbiglia’s congenial style and self-effacing humor is a perfect match for such autobiographical material. Being introduced to Birbiglia’s nighttime altar ego Sleepy Karl is a treat.

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1. The Decemberists – “The Crane Wife”
The indie rock band that everyone loves to hate is in top form with their fourth full-length album, a sprawling prog-rock infused masterpiece that’s – gasp!- danceable! New label Capitol hasn’t exactly reeled them in – the album’s title track is based on a Japanese folk tale – but the band has produced a couple of radio-ready tracks. “O Valencia!” and “The Perfect Crime 2” are simply delightful. If the band’s recent performance at the Lifestyles Communities Pavilion is any indication, The Decemberists are ready and willing to take on their new ‘indie rock star’ status.

2. Miranda Sound – “Western Reserve”
Columbus’ hardest working four-piece brings its A-Game to its third album. “Western Reserve” is much more autobiographical than Miranda Sound’s first two albums, a grown-up look at the disappointments, break-ups and acceptance of mortality that accompany turning 30. But don’t go thinking this is some depressing, shoe-gazer album; in fact, it rocks plenty hard thanks to producer J. Robbins’ able hand. I, luckily, was able to see “Western Reserve” during its creation, from one or two songs performed during shows to the beautiful album it now is, and I couldn’t be prouder of my boys.

Disclosure:’s record label, Sunken Treasure Records, released this album.

3. The Long Winters – “Putting the Days to Bed”
Sometimes, a band really just comes out of nowhere with an album that becomes your favorite. I’ve enjoyed The Long Winters since seeing them open for The Decemberists a few years ago, but this year the band really bowled me over with “Putting the Days to Bed.” John Roderick has an amazing way with lyrics, rocking phrases like “they got file folders and dry erase boards” and “you weighed your suitcase down, but it still wouldn’t sink”. This is an infinitely sing-alongable album, one of those just made for playing loudly on your car stereo in August with the windows down and the sun shining too brightly. “Honest” is the standout here, a tale of a mother warning her daughter not to fall in love with a singer.
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J.J. Jackson, Original MTV VJ, Dies At Age 62


“J.J. Jackson, remembered as one of the first faces of MTV, died Wednesday night in Los Angeles of an apparent heart attack, according to friends and former business associates. He was 62.” Read the full story.

Thanks, Superunision, for the link.

R. Kelly Florida Child Porn Charges Dropped

You win this time, Kelly.


“Florida prosecutors dropped child pornography charges against R. Kelly today (March 17), six days after a judge ruled sex photos were illegally seized from his home. Prosecutors in central Florida had charged the R&B singer with 12 counts of possessing child pornography in January 2003, based on photos that Polk County deputies said showed him engaged in sex acts with a girl under 18.

Circuit Judge Dennis Maloney ruled last week that the warrant used to seize the digital photos from Kelly’s home was based on insufficient evidence and the pictures were inadmissible in court.” Read the full story.

Pixies Expand World Tour Dates

Well, there still isn’t much of a U.S. tour, but they are going to Minneapolis!

From Pitchfork:

04-13 Minneapolis, MN – Fine Line Music Cafe
04-14 Winnipeg, Manitoba – Burton Cummings Theatre
04-15 Regina, Saskatchewan – Doris Knight Ballroom
04-17 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Prairieland
04-18 Edmonton, Alberta – Red’s
04-19 Calgary, Alberta – MacEwan Hall
04-21 Victoria, British Columbia – Victoria Curling Club
04-22 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore Ballroom
04-23 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore Ballroom
04-24 Spokane, WA – Big Easy
04-25 Boise, Idaho – Big Easy
04-27 Eugene, OR – MacDonald Theatre
04-29 Davis, CA – Freeborn Hall
05-01 Indio, CA – Empire Polo Field (Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival)
05-28 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
05-29 Madrid, Spain – Festimad
05-30 Langraff, Netherlands – Pinkpop Festival
06-02 London, England – Brixton Academy
06-03 London, England – Brixton Academy
06-04 London, England – Brixton Academy
06-05 London, England – Brixton Academy
06-07 Paris, France – Le Zenith
06-10 Vienna, Austria – Aerodrome Festival
06-11 Lisbon, Portugal – Parque Tejo
06-12 Dublin, Ireland – Phoenix Park (w/Red Hot Chili Peppers)
06-14 Paris, France – Le Zenith
06-15 Paris, France – Parc des Princes (w/Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The exact date of these following four shows haven’t been confirmed, but confirms the band’s participation in these events:

06-18/20 Hultsfred, Sweden – Hultsfred Festival
06-26/28 Scheessel, Germany – Hurricane Festival
06-26/28 Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany – Southside Festival
07-01/04 Rosklide, Denmark – Roskilde festival

07-02 Werchter, Belgium – Rock Werchter
07-03 Belfort, France – Les Eurockeennes Festival
07-08 Kristiansand, Norway – Quart Festival
07-10 Kinross, Scotland – T In The Park Festival (w/David Bowie, The Darkness)
07-11 Glasgow, Scotland – T in the Park

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Courtney Love Trial Date Postponed Yet Again

From Billboard:

“A hearing to determine whether Courtney Love will be tried on drug charges was postponed today (March 16), but not before the singer/actress had disrupted the proceedings and was admonished by the judge to keep quiet.”

When she entered the court room, she called out “Hello Judge Fox.” I like to think of her saying this in the same voice as Yakko and Wakko on ‘The Animaniacs’ when they used to call out, “Hellllllooooo Nurse!”

Courtney also blurted out, “I’ve got the bottles with me. I’ve got the prescriptions on me.” Read the full story.

George Michael Retires, Kelly Kapowski Cries


“GEORGE MICHAEL will ?retire? from the music industry after his current album ? but he has no plans to retire from music.

Speaking on Jo Whiley?s Radio 1 show about his new album ?Patience?, he announced that it would be his last conventional album, with all subsequent music made available to fans for free or in exchange for charity donations.” Read the full story.

When Duffy’s Away…

Mr. Duffy, Stephen Slayballs, Kevin Elliott and Billy “Ace” Peake just loaded themselves into Slayballs’ car and are currently hitting I-71 S toward Texas.

From today until next Monday, I am (wo)manning HQ. If you have any national music news, please send the info to me at or send me a private message in the message board. Unfortunately, I do not have the power to post info about upcoming Columbus shows – ya’ll are on your own with those in the message board.

Thanks for your time and patience. I’m sure Mr. Duffy will be checking in with some news from SXSW as soon as that little car makes it to Austin. If that little car makes it to Austin.

Apple Sells 50 Million Songs

Looks like Apple is set to dominate the world.

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Apple Computer Inc. said on Monday it has sold 50 million songs over the Internet in the 11 months since it launched its iTunes Music Store, putting it at least halfway toward its goal for the year.

Apple, which charges 99 cents a song, said it is currently selling 2.5 million songs per week, which would translate into 130 million songs per year, or about $130 million in annual revenue.” Read the full story.