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The Black Keys Finished Recording New Album Produced By Danger Mouse

photo by Kim Rottmayer

Spin Magazine is reporting that the new album by the Black Keys has been recorded, and is produced by Danger Mouse.

The Black Keys’ singer, and guitarist Dan Auerbach gave some details on the new album in the Spin Article:

The album opens with “Lonely Boy,” which is “one of the first songs we recorded,” says Auerbach. “Almost every song on the record has a foundation of live drums and guitar together in the room. It’s guitar bleeding into the drum mics. It’s pretty raw.”

Of “Little Black Submarine” Auerbach says: “We recorded it four or five different times in different ways. We would start from scratch and then start over. The version that we ended up with is weird. It starts with just acoustic guitar and vocals and by the end it sounds like Black Sabbath!”

He says that the Keys were seeking a group groove: “I’ve never been into guitar solos. I really like when every instrument in the band is a rhythm instrument. This record has a lot of that going on — guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards all working together as a rhythm instrument. But unlike Brothers, which has more of these slower songs with an open feeling, [the new LP] is definitely fast.”

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The Black Keys New Album is Produced By Dangermouse

YouTube Preview Image

Grainy video action of “Remember When” off the upcoming Black Keys album.

Well, I guess its safe to tell the world now since its on Pitchfork.Dangermouse produced the new Black Keys  record titled, Attack and Release. The album is due out April 1st on Nonesuch. No Ike Turner isn’t on it. Yes, its really good.