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Another one bites the dust: See ya later New Frontiers

These kids from Texas knocked my socks off earlier this year and I knew from the second I heard their CD Mending that I’d be reserving a spot for them on my year end “Best of” list. They spent a lot of time on the road in 2008 and in today’s music climate, I suspect that took a toll, especially when getting people to hear your music is an uphill battle.

A MySpace bulletin posted today (after yesterday’s foretelling “the rest of the tour is cancelled” bulletin) lays things out:

It’s never fun to tell people news they don’t want to hear so I’ll get right to it: The New Frontiers are quitting. It’s been a priceless experience, writing music together and sharing it with all of you in our travels across America, but the time has come for us to move on to other things. There are so many people out there that we couldn’t possibly thank you all for the support you’ve given us through the years. Giving us a place to stay on tours, making care packages for us, coming out to shows, buying records, feeding us, the list really does go on and on… We could not have done it for as long as we did without you. We’ll be playing a couple final shows here on the home front in Dallas and we would love to see any and all of you who can make it out. Thanks for taking part in the life of our band. We will miss you all…

Here’s a little something to remember The New Frontiers by. Sorry to see you go fellas.

The New Frontiers @ The Basement, Feb.25


My buddy Jason hit me up via IM and told me about this “sick” band that he’s been listening to called The New Frontiers. “They kind of sound like The Damnwells,” he said knowing my weak spot. Of course, for every 10 bands I’m told sound like The Damnwells, maybe only 1 or 2 come even close. The Damnwells comparison is a good one – The New Frontiers play the same style of road-weary Americana rock wrought with emotion.

As I listened to their debut full-length, Mending, which was officially released by the Militia Group last week, I detected a hint of Brit-rock (ala Coldplay) in the sound from the band from Dallas, Texas. It should sound out of place on an album that rightfully belongs in the “alt.country” section of your favorite indie rock CD store, but it works and works well. Vocally, Nathan Pettijohn reminds me quite a bit of Scott Williams of Bel Auburn and anybody who’s been reading my stuff long enough knows that a band that mixes The Damnwells and Bel Auburn is sure to be a hit with me. Guaranteed.

I couldn’t find any MP3s to link to so check out The New Frontiers on their MySpace page and on Virb.com.

I’m not sure where on the bill The New Frontiers will be on Monday night (the bill also includes local band This is My Suitcase, John Ralston, and headliners Limbeck). I’m guessing they’ll play second (after the local opener). Doors open at 7:30. Show up early and don’t miss these guys.