Yearly Archives: 2003

New Cleveland Music Website in Pre-Release Mode

Experimental Behavior was put together by the folks from Infinite Number of Sounds and other bands up North. The full site is launching soon, but you should probably get there early so you can say “I was there.”

Make with the clicky, people.

New Year’s Eve Party Advice

After you make out with your lover at the strike of midnight, head on over to your computer and blast this MIDI file of “New Year’s Day” by U2.

MIDI BRO! Old school represent. Who needs mp3s when we have glorious MIDI.

See you next year, cowboy.

Unclear if Elliott Smith Committed Suicide

Interesting development:

Los Angeles coroner’s officials say they can not determine whether the stab wounds that killed Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter Elliott Smith in October were self-inflicted … Campbell said toxicology tests found no illegal or controlled substances in Smith’s system. The singer was apparently taking anti-depressants and medication for attention deficit disorder at the time of his death but was not abusing them, Campbell said. (full story)

Jet vs. The Strokes

The title of the NME article was Jet launch attack on The Strokes! … So I think to myself, oh snap, someone’s about to get Von Bondied. I click the link, and here’s the relevant info:

JET have launched an attack on THE STROKES, claiming that the New Yorkers have “lost any credibility”.

The Aussie rockers took the swipe following Julian Casablancas and co.’s recent comment to Rolling Stone saying: “Jet makes me not want to make music.”

Jet drummer Chris Cester retorted, saying: “They have lost any credibility from me.” He added: “I think they made a pretty good record, but I can’t listen to it anymore because I don’t really dig ’em anymore [as people].”

Does the response from the Jet dude read to anybody as “an attack?” I mean come on, we’re grasping for another indie rock fight. Can we just have one at a time?

  • While we’re at it, Christina Vs. Britney is heating up.

    [This is what happens during a slow news week, dear readers.]

  • Looking Back at Columbus OH, Part 1

    I’ve begun my year-end wrap of of the Columbus OH music scene and you can read it here. I go over my ten favorite local releases of the year, point out some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some in between stuff.

    This is part 1 of 3 for Columbus, Ohio, city by the Ocean of life.

    Dave Grohl and the Rye Boys Say Cheese

    Dear DoneWaiting Readers,
    Hi. I just had to post something here, because I can’t bear to see that Von Bondies guy’s beat-up face again. Why, Rob? Why you gotta do that to me, Rob?

    So, the guys from Rye Coalition came back about a week ago. Mikey, Omar, and Sean stopped by their place for a party. Meanwhile, RD, Richie B., Pete, and I were having beers at Uncle Joe’s. (RD was having White Russians, but what are you gonna do?)

    So, I heard later from Omar that there were some funny pictures of the Rye boys and Dave Grohl:

    Dave Grohl playing guitar with the Rye boys.
    Dave Grohl with his arm around the shoulders of the Rye boys.
    Dave Grohl playing catch with the Rye boys, using his GQ Man of the Year Award as a football.

    Stuff like that. Funny, huh? I’m so happy for those guys. The new album better kick ass. If not, at least there’s the pictures.

    I hope I’ve written enough here to push that beat-up Von Bondies face down far enough on the page so that I never have to see it again.


    Slow News Day

    Hi, I am the lead singer of the Von Bondies. Jack White from the White Stripes beat the shit out of me. That’s okay, I’ll get all his money. Staff Picks Their Favorites of 2003: Danica Johnson

    Danica Johnson, known to many as Indianapolis’ “The Fonze,” has written up a list of her favorite albums of 2003 and you can read them here.

    Also, it should be noted that Danica has been writing like a madwoman on her column, Indy Ink, so check that out, too. She’s also gone message board crazy as well. See for yourself.

    So much Danica, it’s like Christmas all over again!

    Me so hungry

    Hey Columbus, you’re invited …

    What: Lunch
    When: Wednesday, Dec.31, noon
    Where: Skully’s (1151 N.High St.) (menu)
    Why: Why not?

    What started off as a “Hey, we should get together for lunch on a day during the holidays that we both have off” conversation between Patrick of BA Baracus and Atomic Ned has turned into a “Hey, let’s invite all of Columbus to come hang out, eat food, drink beer, talk music” party.

    To make the lunch more fun, everybody that is planning on attending is being asked to bring a CD-R copy of their favorite release of 2003. We’ll have a hat or a box or something that we’ll dump all the CDs into. Everybody that brings a CD will be allowed to reach into the hat/box and take home a CD, hopefully one that they aren’t familiar with.

    Sound like a great way to end 2003? Let us know if you’re coming by either posting on the Donewaiting Message Board or the Message board. (Hey, somebody bring the name tags.)

    Back in Action

    Alright dudes, I am back from NJ and in the captain’s chair at the office. I’m loading up my brand new 40 gig iPod (holla!) with mp3s that are piping hot, and I am refreshed with a bunch of new ideas for in 2004.

    While I’m at it, let me throw this out there, okay? Metric = overrated.