Breaking News: iPods updated.

The story so far, from the Apple Music event:
At some point, a video stream of the announcement will be available here.

Upgraded iPods
_60% brighter with brighness control,
_improved battery performance video playback
_new headphones
_cheaper pricing, increased capacity:
$249(30GB), $349(80GB)

Software upgraded:
_new games-Apple partnering with EA, selling games in the iTMS for $4.99
_”instant” searching

New Nanos, in colors, aluminum added
_2, 4, 8 GB capacities

New iPod shuffles
_Metal, 1GB $79

Also updated, iTunes app/store, with several interface improvements.
_TV shows are now encoded at 640×480 (h264), up from 320×240
_sync between multiple computers using an iPod, as long as both are authorized on the same account
_iPod sync/updating improved
_download manager

“The iTunes Store”:
_content from Disney, Miramax, Pixar, Touchstone
_75 releases today
_$12.99 preorder/first week, 14.99 after
_progressive download (i.e. watch as it downloads)
_640x480 resolution, with Dolby Surround
_movies have same DRM/terms as TV shows-no rentals- supposedly the sticking point with the major Studios.

Announced for 1st. Quarter 2007: iTV

_Wireless, set-top box.
_USB/Ethernet/Wireless connectivity
_optical audio and HDMI
_half the size of the Mac Mini
_works with Apple Remote
_next-gen FrontRow Interface
_access trailers and content from the iTunes Store
_cross-platform compatibility with iTunes

  • robert duffy

    i think the prices are

    30GB $249
    80GB $349

  • Jawbreaker

    According to iLounge, it was 60/80. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • jim

    yay new bigger cheaper ipods!
    boo itunes! drm sucks!
    gimme emusic baby.

  • 80GB at that price make my mouth water.

  • sheena b

    sweet new form factor on that shuffle!

  • I’m about due for an upgrade as I have an 15gb model from the dark ages. I think iPods are great, don’t really know why folks bash them and iTunes. Emusic is a great service too, obviously if you subscribe to Emusic you still need to shop elsewhere for many titles.

  • 640×480 H264 support by my ipod video converter hooks me up even more, great home theater center experience when watching iPod movies in 640×480 (DVD quality).