B-Real Answers Juelz Santana’s Smoke-a-Thon Challenge

A few weeks ago Juelz Santana challenged any drug addicted Hip Hopper to a weed smoking contest on World Star Hip Hop. (no michael phelps)

The rules of engagement:

1.Bring your  three best weed smoking friends. 2. Bring your best weed. 3. Juelz Santana and his Skullgang will smoke you under like it’s Bob Marley’s wake.

Here is what Juelz’  is bringing to the table:

YouTube Preview Image

B-Real of Cypress Hill (who is on Duck Down Records now) has decided to throw his graffix hat in the ring. Here is the aging pothead’s video response…

YouTube Preview Image

I am getting  an anxiety attack at just looking at the digital weed.

  • thisoneholymedium

    smoke weed everyday

  • m.

    this is redick……..
    aka rip the runway!


  • http://jacehall.tv just did an interview with Cyprus Hill. It’s kind of entertaining check it out.

  • fadilo

    they ain’t smoking that shit at all they just fucking up the kids brain