Kid Cudi: “Make Her Say” Video featuring Kanye West, Common

  • wes flexner

    whenever i hear this song on 107.5 i feel like de la soul’s sons are doing a victory lap around mainstream rap.

  • music for freaks

    The man has put out some classics but these days, what does Common have left to say? Very little it appears.

  • weswes

    yeah..i was first like..
    did common just say?” be on that conscious shit..put your head on this conscious dick…”
    but then i remembered on his first album he said he would “take the rape”
    so at least he isnt raping women anymore.

  • music for freaks

    yeah, he was on some misog on that first album. then he was conscious, now he wants us to know he’s still sorta ruff neck. got it. he’s not hungry anymore, he’s just trying to stay relevant. it happens.