MP3: Chains by Funerals

FUNERALS is Mollie, Casey and Conrad.

Mollie used to be in The Cinema Eye.

Casey is in Dub Noir and is married to Mollie.

Conrad used to be in The Fugue or still is or something.

FUNERALS are totally post-post-industrial. Look for shows in the fall.

Chains totally rules.

  • linda

    the other day i was wondering whatever happened to the cinema eye…

  • Tim

    Conrad was in the Cinema Eye too before he moved to NY. The dude from Audion replaced him.

  • thorne

    The drum sounds remind me of slightly higher fidelity versions of the drums from “Bites” era Skinny Puppy. Good stuff.

  • BillyDeeWhitehall


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  • huh what

    The track, it is gone! Any chance of getting it back up before the show tomorrow?