Psychedelic Horseshit + Times New Viking = shitgaze voltron

So TNV‘s Adam Elliot and Beth Murphy sat in with Matt Whitehurst for a Psychedelic Horseshit show(s?) a couple weeks ago. I didn’t see it, but I figured it was just a temp thing. They’re all buds. Not really too shocking for them to collaborate once in a while.

But there’s a Times New Viking show at Carabar on Monday with Psychedelic Horseshit (and Drag City’s Cave), and Elliot confirmed Horseshit’s lineup for the show: himself, Matt & Beth (and possibly an appearance by Ryan Jewell). So it seems Adam and Beth are in, and Rich Horseshit has gone the way of Laura B, Jason Roxas, Pink Reason Kevin and other Horseshit alums. The always-official Myspace tells the same tale.

  • TMZ

    What about Lohan’s ankle bracelet? How will she accessorize at the shitgaze event? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG