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NYC’s Parquet Courts playing The Summit, Jan.7

NME listed Parquet Courts as one of the 60 Most Exciting New Bands of 2013

Pitchfork referenced both Wire and Yo La Tengo when describing Parquet Courts’ sound.

The Columbus Alive made this show its Staff Pick of the week and says the “post-punk combo that taps common record nerd sweet spots — Mission of Burma, Devo, Sonic Youth, any band with a motorik pulse — with uncommon grace.”

Cover is $5. Connections, Psychedelic Horseshit, and WV White round out the lineup at The Summit.

Tonight: Magik Markers, Psychedelic Horseshit, Ryan Jewell @ Used Kids

YouTube Preview Image

It’s never a bad idea to head to Used Kids for “vinyl Monday,” at which you get 20% off all used vinyl all day. And tonight there’s even more reason to go. Drag City alums Magik Markers will play a free in-store show. Hometown scuzzies Psychedelic Horseshit will open, along with Ryan Jewell. Things kick off about 5pm. BYOB, hunt for some records, listen to some good/loud music and be reminded of how lucky we are to have a place like Used Kids.

Video: Pink Reason – “Dead End” live at MOCAD

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Columbus recently welcomed Kevin DeBroux back to town, which means his band Pink Reason is back, too, rejoined with Psychedelic Horseshit’s Matt Whitehurst and Rich Johnston, plus ex-TV Ghost bassist Shawn Beckering.

Here’s a video that was just uploaded of DeBroux’s band performing one of his best songs — “Dead End,” off Pink Reason’s Cleaning the Mirror Siltbreeze release — at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit last September.

You can catch Pink Reason in Columbus at Ace of Cups on July 28 with Blues Control and Day Creeper.

Favorite Albums of 2011: Joel Oliphint

This year’s list of favorites is fairly sedate (even for me), with just a little ruckus here and there. Lots of morning-coffee music, which I guess says something about my 2011. But music’s strength is its pliability. It can be whatever you need it to be at the moment, especially when we have instant access to virtually any song ever recorded, often for free. Judging by this list, I needed music to be a salve more than a release valve this year.

I also never expected my favorite album to come from someone who held the spot previously, but the iTunes “most played” playlist doesn’t lie. It’s a divisive one, but people who like it really like it.

I picked 15 favorites and several honorable mentions, plus a Favorite Columbus Albums list below — separate but equal in enjoyment and quality. As usual, I limit my lists to albums, so some EPs and 7”s I liked (e.g. Envelope, Sundown, Malefactors of Great Wealth, Dolfish) aren’t listed.

That is all.

15. Wussy – Strawberry

MP3: Grand Champion Steer

As Chip said about Wussy’s Chuck Cleaver, “One wouldn’t expect the heavily tattooed Cincinnati songwriter to produce his best collection of songs this late in his already highly-prolific career, but that’s exactly what he’s done.”

14. TV on the Radio – Nine Types of Light

TV On The Radio – “Will Do” by Interscope Records

13. The War on Drugs – Slave Ambient

MP3: Come to the City

12. Tom Waits – Bad As Me

Tom Waits – Bad As Me by antirecords

I’ve never been a Tom Waits fanboy, but this record grabbed me and didn’t let go. Continue reading

MP3: Path “Wes Eckmayer” “Matt Whitehurst” “Keith Lawson” “Ron Barker”

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MP3:Path- Wes Eckmayer 
MP3: Path- Matt Whitehurst
MP3:Path- Keith Lawson
MP3: Path- Ron Barker

Columbus rapper/producer Path made an interesting instrumental album. He titled each song on Peasant LIfe after the government name of someone that influenced him.

Real sweet gesture right? He even made a song called Wes Eckmayer. Thats my real name. I took the name Wes Flexner when I was still writing graffiti and needed a nom de plume when making zines. Nowadays having an alias makes me seem more sketchy than I really am.

“I don’t think I can do this. I don’t even know your real last name. This is going too fast.”

Anyway, My song is alright. It’s got a pitched soul sample. But really it is not as good as Matt Whitehurst. That song has layers and progressions. Overall it just sounds cooler.
Wes Eckmayer is also inferior to Keith Lawson a more haunting, stronger, darker and sinister sounding beat.  I would also like to switch songs with Ron Barker That song similar is to Wes Eckmayer but has a more laid back party vibe to accompany the pitched up sample.

Download the Peasant Life at Path’s Shiny New Website.

Psychedelic Horseshit Sign With Fat Cat Records

Flashback: Wes Flexner Interviews Matt Horseshit

Psychedelic Horseshit have signed with Fat Cat Records. They have a new album coming out on the label later this year. Before that, though, you can grab an MP3 of a new song by signing up for their e-mail list.

They also went ahead and released last year’s album, Acid Tapes, as a full free download.

(thx wumme)

2010 Show Memories: Damn, I guess living in Columbus isn’t so bad.

When I sat down to recount my year, I hadn’t even really registered what I got to see. All my friends moved away. I pretty  was miserable.

I spent the majority of the year hanging out by myself.

But now looking back, I was really fortunate this year.

I got to see the Black Keys spread love and become one of the biggest rock bands in America. RJD2 played our 7 Year Anniversary. Jay Electronica came to town and did a really intimate show then got signed 7-8 months later by Jay-z to Roc Nation. I solicited Wavves’ opinion on Psychedelic Horseshit.  I witnessed  what Dame Dash’s guy, Currensy ,was doing the night Jay Electronica signed with Jay-z.  I talked to Bone after a nationally publicized arrest. Well, read away if you want.

1.The Black Keys Lifestyles Community Center August 13th

photo credit-ME

The image source of this tattoo is  from  the cover of Chulahoma,  an ep by the Black Keys. It is on the body of a female that had a family member die of cancer.   The finger pointing it out belongs to Mary Stormer,  Key’s drummer Patrick Carney’s mother.  Mary Stormer’s son and Patrick’s brother,  Michael created the image that is tattooed on this girl.  The girl got this tattoo because Chulahoma was what got her through hard times.

The tribute to Junior Kimbrough IS a blues record.

Mary Stormer, and I explained to the girl that the band would really appreciate this.  Mrs. Stormer told me to take a picture and send it to Michael. The band was onstage so they couldn’t give the girl a hug. Continue reading

MP3:Blueprint-Who EP

MP3:Blueprint-Who EP

Blueprint’s latest EP has him sampling the Who EP. So you Rock N Rollerz might light this one. The bulk of the content is Print discussing how he worked hard to get where he is at when other people had different ideas. Donewaiting readers might take note of track 3, “See Thru”, Print’s lo-fi song, where he shouts out DJ Przm, TNV and PHS. Illogic is on Track 5, “Pain” in which Print revisits the Teenage Wasteland sample he used on Illogic’s “1000 Whispers” and then Best Buy told him he wasn’t allowed to when Weightless reissued Celestial Clockwork through Raptivism.
There are three versions of Blueprint Who. This is the free version. To purchase or look for more info please check www.weightless.net.

Blueprint is currently on tour With Atmosphere, DJ Rare Groove, Budos and Grieves
Dates after the jump Continue reading

Psychedelic Horseshit + Times New Viking = shitgaze voltron

So TNV‘s Adam Elliot and Beth Murphy sat in with Matt Whitehurst for a Psychedelic Horseshit show(s?) a couple weeks ago. I didn’t see it, but I figured it was just a temp thing. They’re all buds. Not really too shocking for them to collaborate once in a while.

But there’s a Times New Viking show at Carabar on Monday with Psychedelic Horseshit (and Drag City’s Cave), and Elliot confirmed Horseshit’s lineup for the show: himself, Matt & Beth (and possibly an appearance by Ryan Jewell). So it seems Adam and Beth are in, and Rich Horseshit has gone the way of Laura B, Jason Roxas, Pink Reason Kevin and other Horseshit alums. The always-official Myspace tells the same tale.

Tomorrow night in Columbus: Kurt Vile, Tommy Jay, Psychedelic Horseshit at the Summit

Co-presented by Donewaiting.com and Benco. See you there.

YouTube Preview Image
Kurt Vile “Classic Rock in Spring” live in studio for Viva Radio.