Photos: Guided by Voices in Columbus

Words by Joel
The consensus for the Guided by Voices show in Columbus on Saturday night seems to be: Great show from the band, awesome set list, not bad sound… terrible venue environment — namely, the obnoxious security dudes. But even with security constantly harassing Cary for taking pictures (he had a photo pass) and smoking (he doesn’t smoke), he got some pretty cool shots that capture the sweaty performance. (One unexpected highlight for me: Pollard doing a pre-show version of “Teenage FBI” with the opener, Nick Mitchell. Love that song, but didn’t think I’d get to hear it on a “classic” GBV night.)

More pics, a mostly complete set list and a link to hear the show after the jump.

Set List (w/ 1st and 2nd encore missing?)
intro (stage banter)
pimple zoo
my impression now
exit flagger
cutout witch
echos myron
the goldheart mountaintop queen directory
shocker in gloomtown
tractor rape chain
a good flying bird
middle names (stage banter)
buzzards and dreadful crows
break even
hot freaks
gold star for robot boy
striped white jets
awful bliss/14 cheerleader coldfront
quality of armor
my valuable hunting knife

3rd encore intro (stage banter)
johnny appleseed

Orlosperry again came through with a recording of the show. Find it here.

  • weedsteeler

    man…my father’s parties look more exciting than this. and to top it off no one gets sweaty…. ughhh gross.

  • C DUB YA

    I know we also got Game of Pricks, I am a Scientist and Salty Salute, just to name a few.

  • Woosley

    Weedsteeler’s Dad is Keith Richards.

  • womp womp

    Ric Ocasek can’t sweat

  • Woosley

    Either can Mitch Mitchell. Not one drop while the others soaked in it.

  • woosley

    It’s actually more than the first 2 encores missing. They are playing the same 38-40 songs each night so far but mixing up the order.

  • Artful L.A. Dodger

    pretty cool that they got Bill Clinton to start off singing the first few songs

  • C DUB YA


  • large hearted girl

    they definitely played large hearted boy….first time i’ve heard it live in about 10 live shows.