Donew8ing: The 8-year anniversary show

This here site turns 8 pretty soon, and to celebrate, we’re having bands play music for you. As a general rule, Donewaiting doesn’t repeat bands on these bills (couple exceptions), so here’s the all-Columbus lineup for the event at Kobo on Feb. 4:

Ghost Shirt
Time & Temperature
The Town Monster

And Mr. Funky D Patton will spin records between bands. Some other cool twists in the works for this show… We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, peep the event page on Facebook.

  • Georgie Quickie

    badass these are all good bands to libate to for sure

  • Eight years?! My how time flies…

  • kyle

    Congrats of 8 years and I am glad you are doing your party the 1st weekend in Feb. Lost Weekend is also turning 8 this year and we have our big event later in February . I forgot to check with you’all to make sure we were not competing (and so I can attend your event) but it looks like it all worked out.

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