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Volunteer for the Comfest Merch Booth

The sign!

Once again and Cringe is sponsoring the official Comfest Band Merch Booth. This is where we sell all the CDs, vinyl, and t-shirts of the bands performing during Comfest.

Volunteer with us! It’s the most fun ever. And it’s normally a relaxed thing, except when we are holding down the tent during lightning storms. You get tokens (for food or beer) and an official Comfest t-shirt.

We’re looking for people to work 4 hour shifts (shorter shifts may be possible). If interested, email me at with the following info:

Cell #
T-Shirt Size
What Shift You’d Like To Work (2 options are great)

We run the tent from 11am to 11pm every day.

This is an official Comfest booth, and all of the money we raise goes 100% to the bands. And we sell a ton of stuff, which always warms my black, jaded heart.

(bands: if you want to sell your stuff in the booth, that info is coming soon)

Comfest 2008 Recaps

Comfest 2008 is over. Discussion going on in our message board.

Pictured above is Hugs and Kisses (dressed as Scooby Doo characters), who put on an amazing set. Backed by The Slide Machine, I love the new recorded/live performing hybrid that they’re doing. Hopefully they’ll keep it up.

Comfest 2008 Logo

Here’s the 2008 logo for Comfest by Jayna Wallace.

Comfest discussion still raging in our message board. See you in The Other Paper tomorrow.

Comfest Schedule 2008

Finally posted legitimately.

Volunteer at the Comfest Merch Booth 2008

For the fifth year Cringe and are organizing the Band Merch Booth at Comfest. Pat Radio is also helping us a lot this year, too. If you can volunteer at the booth for a few hours, please email me (rduffy at or contact Treadway at info at with your availability.

Work 3 hour shifts and get a Comfest t-shirt. Tokens given out after every hour worked for booze and food consumption. Our days begin around 10:30ish each morning and end around when the music ends each day. Low key, high excitement.

Like previous years, our message board is going a bit loopy over the festival.

Comfest Music Schedule Up

Columbus’ Comfest Festival has finally posted the music schedule.