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Photos: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister @ LC Pavilion

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
LC Pavilion – Columbus, OH
May 30, 2012

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

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Comfest 2012 to get new location, new spin on traditional music lineup?

Found this on this morning.

Does this mean Comfest is moving to the Alrosa Villa? Does this mean the theme this year is centered around Juggalos?


Video: Lydia Loveless – “Steve Earle” (Live at Comfest)

YouTube Preview Image

He won’t stop calling and I’m not sure how to blow him off
He stands outside my window until I have to call the cops
But they always let him out of jail cuz he’s a famous face
That’s a funny way of asking me to go out on a date…

Steve Earle, won’t stop calling me

Lydia Loveless’s Comfest set was one of my favorites, and new song “Steve Earle” was a set highlight. It’ll be on her new album, Indestructible Machine, out in September on Bloodshot.

I Am Voting For Envelope For CD101 Summerfest

YouTube Preview Image

You know Donewaiting rides for rapper Envelope. He rides for us. Envelope played our Third and Sixth anniversaries.

Above is a video Jessica Morgan took of Envelope’s epic Comfest performance that was cut short because of some sort of noise rule that placates cowards  in nearby townhouses.

Well Well…looks like Envelope has a shot being the highlight at another outdoor festival here in Columbus

CD101 is having this thing where you vote for  on their website to pick who plays their  Summerfest with fellow Monster House alums, Matt & Kim and some other groups. If Envelope is added to this festival then his music will end up in regular rotation on CD101.

Aside from him being a good dood,  really no artist ,save maybe TNV  or Blueprint, deserves radio more than Envelope when you account draw,record sales, and resonance with an audience. 

So help Tony help this world be less mediocre.  Click here to Vote

Weakened Wrap-up #12: Comfest Edition

Pictured: Brainbow w/Lara Yazvac@Comfest

Oh man Comfest...or something like that. Basically there are a number of ways to go about Comfest. You can camp out somewhere in the park on a blanket, go check out bands with “clever” band names, wander around aimlessly running into people you know and drink booze and eat food and not pay attention to any bands, or you can hang out at the Offramp Stage all weekend like I pretty much did and watch bands that you know will be good.

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Bird and Flower (featuring members of Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, Couch Forts, Miranda Sound) Covers Madonna at Comfest

Bird and Flower‘s current live line-up features Erik (from Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos) on lap steel, Tyler (Couch Fort/Super Desserts) on banjo, Dan (Miranda Sound) on cello/bass drum, Justin on harmonium/bass drum/omnichord, and Eve on ukulele/omnichord/freestyle tambourine. On Saturday, they did this great cover of Madonna’s “Borderline”.

Sunken Treasure is releasing the Bird and Flower debut album on vinyl in July. More details coming soon.

OH CRAP – VOL.5 – Download now for FREE


Duffy told me that all 50 copies of OH CRAP – VOL.5 sold during the first day of Comfest. Because I was out of town, I didn’t have time to replenish the stock so I’m making the Columbus band compilation available here to download for free.


“Dirty Power” – The Bom Selleck
“Leave it Tonight” – Josh Fitzwater and The Shambles
“Back to New York” – Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts
“Hot Boots” – Bird and Flower
“Lonely Bones” – Colin Gawel
“Falls the Shadow” – Hayseed
“Night Crawler” – Bill Kurzenberger
“Conspicuous Consumption” – Vespin
“Record in the Sleeve” – Like Giants
“Metal Hairpiece” – Dr. Robot
“Until it’s Gone” – Paper Airplane
“Echo Wheel” – Woosley Band
“Gravity’s Heart” – Bush League All-Stars
“Sleep Well” – Ryan Smith
“Mystery to Me” – Mike Switzer
“White Water” – Househearts
“Pissed it Away” – The Vague
“Mayqueen” – The Lost Revival
“Lies” – Bookmobile

Post your reviews here. T-Shirts at Comfest

We’ll be selling them at the band merch booth at Comfest for the low low low price of $5. Any extras will be sold via the website at $10.

Modeled by Ben. Designed and printed by Clint Reno, of course.


Comfest Beer Policy


Discussion in our message board

Comfest 2009 Music Schedule

Leaked here, via DeVille. Not “official” though, so subject to change I’d imagine.